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Here’s why no-code tools are the future of marketing

The no-code movement has been on the rise for a while, and it seems that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. That desire to implement this movement extends even to such industries as marketing, where so much of the project work takes place online. This is just one of the reasons why it is said that this could be the future of marketing and many other fields.

Let’s take a look at what this movement is all about and why it can be a great solution for many marketing companies.

What is no-code?

While no-code has been around for a while, the popularity of this tool has only risen in the last few years. If you’re not familiar with what it is, quite simply, no-code gives you the ability to build an online program or app without using program language.

Therefore, you no longer need to know how to code to bring something interactive to life. Now, the average Joe who has little to no experience in coding and software development can create ideas and perform complex tasks by following simple walk-through guides.

So, how are no-code tools the future of marketing?

4 reasons why it’s the future of marketing

1. Save time

As a marketer, how much free time do you have during your working day to learn how to code? The answer is most likely none because you have to focus on other crucial tasks. Creating awareness, building ad campaigns and ensuring that the company you’re representing is beating the competition is a gigantic task. One that leaves no free time to do anything else on top.

However, not learning to code by using a no-code tool means you can still do your job to a high standard while responding and engaging better with your target audience.

2. Extra creativity

Having a genius idea isn’t always enough. You need the skills and knowledge to bring them to life if you want to see results. And with no-code tools, you can. You no longer have to worry about your missing technical knowledge. Instead, you can have exactly the kind of visuals and messages that you want. Your audience can finally see what you want them to.

3. Versatility

As a professional in marketing, you are looking for responsive content that can easily be managed. Imagine having the capability to build eCommerce stores, chatbots, websites, mobile apps, newsletters and so much more that can easily be managed with no code… sounds like a dream, right?

4. Cost

The cost benefits are huge, and they range from direct cost savings to saving money in areas you may not expect. Firstly, and importantly you can streamline your IT department, and if you outsource, you can cut that cost instantly. Then think about the time you can free up in your marketing department itself.

Reducing costs in training and development can also free up a large chunk of your budget, and all of these savings can be redirected back into your marketing campaigns. This turns that money pool into a potential revenue investment.

How to get started with no-code tools

Since there is now clearly more potential than ever for those in marketing to save time and money, have a higher creative input, be more versatile about their graphics and messages and have to rely less on finding that perfect talent the team previously needed, it’s an excellent move to get started with no-code tools right away.

Here are the steps you can follow so you can start without feeling overwhelmed.

Figure out the priorities

First off, you need to know which types of no-code tools you need to do your job. To determine this, you should start by making a list of your objectives, your marketing needs and which direction you want to go in. Whatever you are doing should always start with a clear plan.

Use the right technology

Even though no-code tools are there to make your life easier in so many ways, with little to no experience in programming, you’ll still need to ensure that whatever you are doing will easily integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. If what you’re developing will cause a problem, then you need to rethink your idea or get external help.

Use a VPN

One aspect that can’t be stressed enough is the need for you to use a VPN service when you are working, changing the website, or using any internet connection that is not your personal one. This cybersecurity tool is the best way to secure your internet connection and keep valuable information safe, which is more important than ever when you’re working on clients’ websites.

How can a VPN prevent security breaches? Well, since it allows you to work on a private network, all the personal information and important data are encrypted, thus making it impossible for someone to gain access to any valuable information.

Also, if you’re a fan of using public WiFi, then definitely turn on your VPN online before starting to work with any type of personal information. This way, you will avoid all the risks that come with using public networks.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t be too hard on yourself in the beginning. When you are first getting to know no-code tools. While they are there to make coders even out of amateurs, it’s still easy to make mistakes when you are new. Making mistakes or getting stressed will only end up costing you the time that you are trying to save in the first place. Start slow and avoid trying to do it as fast as possible until you have had some practice.

Consider hiring IT mentors

This step is optional, but if it fits your budget, then it is worth considering. Having IT mentors on hand can help you navigate your way around no-code tools quickly and efficiently. You can get to grips with your new way of working and have help if you need it. IT mentors can also offer valuable insight and advice, which is particularly helpful when working on something more complex such as a new app.

Factor in security issues

Like with all interactive online developments, there are security risks to consider. Again, this is where it might be useful to seek advice from IT experts as they can guide you through any security issues or help with preventing security issues further down the line.

Avoid micromanaging

This step is aimed at those who are department leaders. If you are in charge of a marketing team, then it’s important that you let your team members take charge of their projects without you getting too involved. Staying out of the way will give your team the chance to be at their most creative, which in turn allows them to create their best work. You can keep up to date with your team without killing anyone’s ideas.

Test, test, test

Like with software, apps and so on that are made using coding, you’ll need to test out your apps, and developments need to be tested before they are rolled out for clients to see.

Prepare to make adjustments

You are not always going to get exactly the results you want the first time. Building with no-code tools is a process, and you may have to make changes and adjustments if something isn’t working.

According to the low-code platform Quick Base, “If an app works properly and is accomplishing the key business goal, put it out there. You can always tweak and update it as needed. Agility, after all, is a major key to success in the twenty-first-century business world.”

The future of marketing

With the increased popularity of no-code tools in marketing and other industries, there is now a whole host of information online about how to get the most out of them for your marketing department or company.

No matter how simple no-code tools are designed to be, you will still face challenges from time to time. However, reaching out to the online community via dedicated forums is the best way to overcome any hurdles. Overall, no-code tools are undoubtedly the future of marketing and will allow you to make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient than they’ve ever been. If you don’t want to spend too much time learning how to code, this can be a great way to improve your or your client’s website without that additional hassle.

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