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How Can You Make Your Metal Patio Chairs Last Longer?


Metal is considered to be the strongest and most durable material for patio and outdoor chairs. It lasts for life if you look after it correctly. Most metal chair pieces are finished with varnish, paint, or a coating of powder to curb rust. In regions where saltwater is prevalent, you can invest in aluminum chairs. It is rust-free and does not allow the process of oxidation that to cause the finish to get pits and become dull.

Invest in the right cleaners and soap for metal patio chairs

In nature, you should clean metal chairs with a sponge or a cloth dipped in water and mild soap, non-detergent, in nature. The surface should be wiped dry immediately. Do not use scrubbers and cleaners’ abrasives as they scratch the surface and expose the chair’s surface to moisture resulting in rust. For the ingrained dirt, use a multi-purpose non-abrasive cleaner or a window cleaner.

Invest in a good furniture cover

Good furniture covers will protect them from scratches and other harm during rain and storms. Place covers on your chairs when you store them away. If you are looking for regular covers, you can easily find them online or at home improvement stores. Look for covers that fit your furniture line; however, if you need something specific, you may consult your chair’s manufacturer if it is not of the standard size.

Buy proper chair covers, and do not be tempted to use a plastic table or chair covers. They trap water, humidity, and heat – all of them will damage the furniture, especially if they are on for a prolonged time. It is prudent for you to invest in covers that allow the furniture to breathe and protect the pieces to prevent damage and mold from harming your metal chairs.

Watch out for signs of rust

While cleaning the chair’s surface, keep an eye out for rust signs and scratches, especially at its joints. To stop rust from forming, paint them regularly. If the rust or mold is present, sand the surface lightly using grit sandpaper and apply to touch up rust-proof paint (you will find this paint with the manufacturer. For removing oxidation from aluminum chairs, make a solution of white vinegar and water. Do not use alkaline cleaners as they will result in oxidation.

Read the instruction manual carefully

When you buy your metal chairs, you get an instructional manual with the proper maintenance and care instructions you should follow if you want your chairs to last for a long time. The manual will also give you the names of cleaners to avoid when it comes to looking after your metal chairs.

Last but not least, you should always start the cleaning process by sweeping the metal surface with a soft brush or cloth. This removed dust, debris, and dirt from the surface. Repeat the patio furniture cleaning process many times. After cleaning, you can check whether your metal chairs need further cleaning or not later and do the needful.

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