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How does overnight shipping work?

Overnight Shipping Work

In this age of boom in eCommerce and the fast-fashion world, where everyone is running to get their work accomplished as soon as possible, overnight shipping came out as a beneficial delivery solution. This shipping solution has become the first preference as a new delivery standard, whether corporate businesses or ordinary individuals. 

In layman’s words, overnight shipping basically means that you will get the next-day delivery of your order. That is to say, only when you are eligible and choose the shipping type as the same. The seller you are purchasing from should also offer overnight shipping to its customers for that to happen. 

Overnight shipping is far better and faster than standard express shipping or standard shipping. This is a fact that every shopper or person familiar with eCommerce delivery services has knowledge about. 

This delivery service is exceptionally time restraint and should be accurate, even if the delivery destination is far away. This is one good reason why every delivery service provider or logistics company does not offer overnight shipping. Moreover, for crucial deliveries concerning essential needs like military supplies, medical tools, etc., only a few big eCommerce delivery service giants offer international next day delivery to their customers or clients. 

Behind the counter scenes of Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping, next-day delivery, or one-day delivery is the best delivery service preferred by the customers. However, only the logistics provider of the said service knows what goes into fulfilling next-day deliveries. 

Overnight shipping comes into effect as it involves a variety of factors. Essential components that the eCommerce delivery service providers have to keep in mind cautiously include pricing of the commodity, shipment weight, shipment size, shipment cut-off time, and routing. For one-day deliveries to be successful, sellers or retailers and delivery service providers must maintain quality and a working supply chain for deliveries to efficiently work. 

That being mentioned, here is the basic workflow of how overnight shipping is fulfilled. 

  • First, for overnight shipping to take off, the customer should place an order before ending the cut-off time. Ordering before the cut-off time indicates that there remains enough time for the seller to pick and pack your package. This way, the seller can maintain the cut-off time for overnight shipping as per the delivery service provider’s rule. 
  • As your package reaches the local depot or, say, post office, the courier person picks it up. The packages are then sorted from the bulk and routed for overnight shipping accordingly. 
  • When the package is routed, different transportation modes are adopted. Depending on the destination and distance of the order, air shipping or ground shipping like trains and automobiles are considered. That is the reason why maintaining an efficient supply chain is essential. Your overnight shipping order is then delivered to the nearest hub of the delivery destination through the fastest transport mode available. 
  •  Then, your order will be delivered from the nearest courier delivery hub to your destination the next day. Thus, fulfilling the overnight shipping. 

Suppose, let’s say that you run a logistics company. In that case, I would recommend that you provide overnight shipping service to your customers as it is of great benefit. It could help your delivery service stand out and be preferred by customers more. 

Overall, as I mentioned earlier, overnight shipping is influenced by many different factors. Because this delivery service is not cheap at all. That’s why overnight shipping is somewhat pricey. Nonetheless, suppose overnight shipping is found at a low charge. In that case, the retailer or manufacturer likely has their own in-house fulfillment/mails, outsourced fulfillment services, and qualifying marketplace services. 

Needless to say, overnight shipping is indeed stressful and expensive for the sellers but satisfactory to the customers.

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