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How Often should I Clean My Projector Screen?

Your projector screen is probably one of those things you don’t think about cleaning too much because it seems to be working fine without any maintenance. Well, you might want to give it some attention from time to time because dirt and dust build up over time, and they can cause glare or even damage to the projection surface.

It would help if you cleaned the motorized projector screen periodically, depending on its type and usage. If you are using a matte screen, it’s recommended to clean the projector screen every 1-2 months. On the other hand, if you are using a glossy screen, it’s recommended to clean them once a month. The frequency depends on the type of use and dust buildup.

In addition, different types of screens require other cleaning methods as well. There are also special cleaners for these purposes. So let’s get started with how to clean your projector screen.

What are the different ways to clean the projector screen?

Some of the recommended ways of cleaning the projector screen are:

Using compressed Air (AirBlow)

Compressed air is the first thing you need to consider when cleaning your projector. You can use an AirBlow unit to blow the dust away and remove all sorts of particles. It is more convenient than buying a vacuum cleaner, though it requires constant supervision.

Another advantage is that the air blows out from either side, meaning that you can easily blow away both sides simultaneously. If you only have access to one side of the projector, you will still have to switch the airflow direction after you finish blowing off each side. It could become bothersome, especially if you have a big projector.

The downside of compressed air units is that they don’t work very well against watery substances like oil or grease. They can also dry out the surface, so you cannot use them to protect the screen.

It is best to use compressed air twice before replacing the filter inside. Then, you can use the filter again.

Washable Sponge or Microfiber cloth

It is probably the easiest way to clean your projector screen since it does not require any tools. All you need is a washable sponge or a cloth. Just make sure that you clean it often enough, or else the dirt will start accumulating around the edges.

Since this method is the simplest to perform, it’s essential to check its effectiveness by doing some tests beforehand. Once you determine whether it works for your specific projector, you can use it as your primary cleaning option.

Tips for Cleaning Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

As the ALR projector screens are highly delicate, it is essential to take additional care while cleaning these screens. These are generally paired with the projectors for bright room to deliver impeccable movie watching experience under dark environments. 

 The microscopic teeth are angled in a specific way to reflect the light from the projector in an ambient way. Excessive scrubbing or hard cleaning may damage the light rejecting surfaces of these screens. 

Compressed air is the most recommended cleaning ALR projector screens, as physical whipping can be harmful. If you want to wipe it using a cloth, always use a microfiber or paintbrush with a soft brush to avoid damage. For stubborn dirt, you can use a bit of soap solution. However, projector cleaning solutions are the best bet.

Tips for cleaning projector screens:

  1. Always test cleanings on a small area first.

Instead of cleaning the whole screen in one go, start with a patch test to check if the chosen way has any adverse effects on the net. It will help in avoiding any potential screen damage. 

2. Use high-quality cleaning products.

Low-quality cleaning products may damage the screen with their abrasive ingredients. Investing in high-quality cleaning products protects the screen against any unwanted damage. 

  1. Don’t overdo it; try to keep it simple.

If you find any stubborn dirt not leaving the screen, be patient in dealing with it. Excessive scrubbing can result in screen damage. Especially in the case of the ALR screen, never scrub the screen as it will damage the unique teeth meant for light reflection.

4. Leave it overnight.

Instead of scrubbing it hard, leave the cleaning solution overnight. It may help in getting rid of the screen spots effectively. 

5. Follow up with another round of cleaning the next day.

If you find the screen very dirty, you can start with one round of cleaning. Proceed with another round of cleaning the next day so that the screen particles are not overstretched with one day of cleaning.

6. Keep the projector free from moisture.

If you use water to clean the projector screen, make sure you don’t leave the screen moist. Always use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe the screen after completing the cleaning process to remove any unwanted water droplets. 

7. Avoid scratching the surface.

Scrubbing too hard may lead to scratches on the surface. Always use a soft microfibre cloth and avoid masking tapes for cleaning at any cost. Any scratching is irreversible and affects your movie-watching experience adversely.

8. Washable sponges work great for cleaning the projector

Washable sponges are soft with texture yet tough on stains. Hence, it is recommended to go with washable sponges for projector screen cleaning. 


It is essential to follow the steps mentioned above to maintain the lifelong performance of your ALR projectors and regular projector screens. Cleaning your projector screen regularly helps avoid any stubborn stains that are difficult to get rid of.

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