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How Projection Mapping Works

Projection Mapping

Recent developments in technology have allowed for some truly amazing innovations. One such innovation is 3D projection mapping. If you don’t know what this is, it is a process in which images or videos are presented on surfaces of any shape or size, transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary visual displays.

Projection mapping is a new and exciting medium for advertising your business. With this cutting-edge technology, you can reach potential customers in creative ways that were never before possible with traditional print or online ads.

So, what does projection mapping entail?

What Is 3D Projection Mapping?

When we think about projecting video, we might first imagine a flat surface or screen. 3D projection mapping takes this one step further by using irregularly shaped objects as the surface for projection. This can be anything small such as a piece of furniture or something bigger – arenas, buildings, even the side of a mountain! No matter what surface you are projecting onto, it will always seem like an original work of art.

Projection mapping professionals use the shape and size of an object to create perfectly aligned images that do not appear distorted, regardless of the medium. Take a car for instance; to create a clean and undistorted image, technicians can manipulate and warp the projection to align the image to the exact shape of the vehicle. You can then project custom 3D animation onto it, transforming the car into anything you choose. Imagine watching as pieces come together to construct the car in an animated demo or seeing different colors and interior options projected on a single vehicle in a dealership showroom. The possibilities are endless!

So, How Does This Technology Work?

To illustrate this concept, imagine a cube on the ground against a wall with four visible sides. Traditional video mapping would involve using a separate projector for each surface of the cube. With 3D projection mapping, we could use a single projector and warp the image to wrap around the cube. With custom animated content, we can create mind blowing optical illusions. Imagine a spinning ball of fire appearing from within the cube, or imagine the cube transforming materials, even melting away and disappearing entirely.  

Now imagine this on a massive scale, such as with 3D building projection – we could make the building look as if it was constructed and then demolished before your very eyes, have the walls dissolve away and reveal the interior of the building, anything you can imagine!  Projection mapping is an art form that takes the mundane and makes it look incredible. From realistic animations to abstract projections, anything can happen with this type of video production- from story driven scenes all the way down to your average still life scene! With 3D projection mapping, any object is a blank canvas with limitless possibilities.

Where Can 3D Projection Mapping Be Useful?

The use of 3D projection mapping is becoming more and more common as technology advances. Many new venues and expositions are already utilizing the concept to attract more potential clients or entertain guests. From advertisements on the side of buildings to art installations in city squares, nothing catches the eye quite like projection mapping.


3D projection mapping is a relatively new technology that has already found success in many different industries. If you’re looking for an innovative way to stay ahead of the competition, think about how this cutting-edge tech can help your business grow. Whether it is entertainment, education, news media, entertainment, or literally any other field, this technology is a truly innovative way to help you get your message out. read more about nether fortress finder

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