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How SEO Experts Make Sites Google Friendly


To succeed in SEO, companies must create attractive and highly functional websites that have good acceptance among users and are even friendly to search engines, especially Google, to ensure high visibility. Only when websites are highly visible does the traffic flow increase and generates more leads and conversions. The elements of Google-friendliness of websites remain embedded within the website’s design, and the process begins right from the time designers conceptualize the website by considering the business goals.  The design of websites must be such that it is easy for search engines to crawl the pages for indexing, which increases the chances of choosing the pages for displaying in the search results.

Search engine-friendly websites are the launching pads for search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns that increase the visibility of websites and help them grab all attention of search engines. Since Google continuously strives to present the most accurate and relevant information to users against search queries, websites must earn Google’s trust to pick the website for displaying in the top ranks of the search results. Indexing pages by search engines plays a critical role in determining the visibility of websites because only properly indexed pages have higher chances of appearing on the first page of the search results.

Create a strong web design team

 To create search engine-friendly websites, you must create a cross-functional team of web developers and SEO experts who can contribute positively. The web designer takes care of the graphic design and other aesthetic elements to create attractive looking websites and ensures that it functions properly. By consulting the SEO expert in Singapore who is a part of the team, the web designer incorporates the SEO-friendly features in the design to comply with the best practices and make the website highly attractive to search engines. Unless websites have search-engine-friendly elements to grab the attention of search engines, they can never rank well no matter how good the quality of the content might be. Search engines help websites gain high visibility, for which a lot depends on how much search-engine-friendly the website is.

Follow Google guidelines for best practices

Google keeps issuing advisories that provide guidelines about SEO and helps to understand the search engine giant’s vision about what constitutes the best SEO practices. Google keeps updating its algorithms and other SEO functionalities constantly to provide a level playing field to all users while ensuring a better user experience.  As a result, the SEO landscape is constantly changing, and it is essential to stay tuned to the latest changes that constitute the best practices for creating search engine-friendly websites. Knowing what Google wants and incorporating the desired elements in the web designers make websites friendlier to search engines.

Mobile-friendly website

Google has always stood by websites that are mobile-friendly. It means that websites that are compatible for all screen sizes of different types of mobile devices are more likely to be picked up against search queries ahead of websites that lack mobile-friendliness. Mobile users are in Google’s focus because it constitutes the largest chunk of the audience, and websites must tow Google’s line to maintain its search friendliness.  As the majority of traffic comes from mobile users, it is now an essential requirement for websites to have enough mobile-friendly features, making the website search engine friendly. For a long, responsive web design has ruled the world of web design for creating mobile-friendly websites, and by playing the game according to the rule, websites can gain high visibility and earn higher ranking in the search results.

Create speedy websites

Everyone loves websites that open fast, and users expect pages to open in under 2 seconds, a target that Google also has set to delight users. Although it might sound like a daunting task to create such high-speed websites, it is very much possible to stay relatively close to it. Once again, Google’s goal for enhancing user experience becomes evident as it prefers to select only high-speed websites for displaying in the search results. Therefore, increasing your website speed is indeed a sure way to increase the aspect of Google-friendliness of your website, which pushes up the search ranking.

Speedy websites comply with Google guidelines, but it does a lot of good for website owners by driving more traffic due to better ranking. 

User-friendly URLs

Although the URL structure of your website might be a low priority for you as it is never a part of the ultimate SEO goal, you must understand its importance from the perspective of search engines and users. Since search engine-friendly websites find favor with users, using unique URLs for each page is an effective way to help search engines quickly understand what the page is all about. It crawls the pages and facilitates indexing.   Moreover, it is easier for users to remember URLs that have simple architecture. Hitting two birds with one stone gives you more SEO advantage.

Avoid duplicate content

 Duplicate content can be the cause of downfall for your website because it goes against the game’s rules framed by Google. Duplicate content is highly harmful, and you must remove any content you suspect to queer the pitch for earning high ranking. Google has set clear guidelines about duplicate content. All SEO experts know how to deal with the problem so that it neither hinders the SEO momentum nor affects the ranking possibilities.

Create XML sitemap

To make your website search engine friendly, pack it with features that make it easy for search engines to understand the structure of your website and find enough reasons to choose it over other websites against specific search queries. XML sitemaps are like road signs that guide the search bots to the correct pages so that all desired pages are correctly indexed.

The more you know about the expectations of search engines easier it will be to create Google-friendly websites. Take the help of professionals if you are unsure how to proceed.

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