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How Technology Is Taking Over The World Today

The rise in modern technology has impacted our lives significantly. It paved gateways for many new opportunities in terms of employment. Still, it has made life even more accessible and convenient. Today, our society is experiencing somewhat of a technological boom – meaning that new technology is rapidly entering the market and replacing old technology at an unprecedented rate.  With an increased influx of new gadgets and gizmos, it becomes worth questioning:- Is technology really for the great good, or is it simply a curse that humanity inflicted upon itself? This article seeks to present how technology has taken over our world- feel free to decide if it’s for the good or bad.

Ease of Communication

Technology has inevitably secured its place in every domain of our lives. Whether education, business, leisure, or travel, it is impossible to go about your tasks without using your cell phone or laptop. The reasons for this are apparent. With rapid technological advancement, one is just a simple tap away. Managers can now assign tasks via email, teachers can assign homework through apps, and people can check up on their loved ones without investing in a stamp and envelope. This factor has been particularly helpful with the ongoing pandemic. Online learning has now become the most popular mode of education. One that maintains social distancing as well as promotes better learning via easy sharing of resources.

Market Prospects

Another key aspect of technology is how it has revolutionized the job market. Essentially, the technological influx has reduced traditional labor and increased the demand for skilled workers. Businesses, too, have now adopted IT as a fundamental part of their venture. Aspiring business owners are now encouraged to pursue a degree in mba technology management online instead of a traditional MBA degree. An MBA in technology management helps individuals learn how technology and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. This field of study can assess how technology can help you create effective business strategies and make calculated business decisions. Also, boost your market reach- essential for success.

Health and Wellness

Areas of medicine and healthcare have been significantly impacted by technology as well. In general, introducing innovative tools like smartwatches, health apps, and tracking softwares has improved how the treatment is accessible to patients. Smartwatches can now record vitals like heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen, etc. They can also alert doctors if something goes wrong. It is highly beneficial as this form of data collection is highly accurate. But because there is less human intervention, the incidence of medical malpractice is drastically decreased. Also, since health records are automatically updated, nurses and doctors can save time and tend to other patients in need. Overall, the assistance of technology dramatically improves the quality of healthcare delivered in a hospital/ clinical unit. 

You could be looking for this digital equipment as a hospital or medical firm for several reasons. To improve your patient’s life or embrace the advanced digital technology to evolve more, Epic healthcare consulting can provide all the Health IT services that will take your hospital to the next level.   

Ease and Convenience

What do you do when you’re hungry? Look up your favorite restaurant and order food from it! How do you book tickets for that new movie? Look up the website, select your desired seats and pay for them! How about checking out if that new skincare product is worth buying? You guessed it- Look it up and read the customer reviews! If you haven’t gotten the point, it’s to say that technology has made our lives so convenient that it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to perform a task. The same old movie theatre you once physically visited to pay paper money now accepts cash online. Money from your account is transferred to the beneficiaries in a matter of seconds. These days you can get anything on your computer at home through the internet, from getting food, paying bills, watching a movie, and even seeing the doctor. Massive relief for lazy individuals!

Human Interaction

Everyone has some form of social media. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter- a whopping 4.48 billion people reported to use social media as of 2021 actively. It may be surprising that this number was a 115.59% increase compared to the statistics six years ago. It denotes that the number of people joining social media platforms is rapidly increasing by the minute. While social media can be a great way to connect, communicate and share aspects of your life, there’s been considerable concerns about its negative impact too. Technology, although it helped many come closer, it has also created a virtual gap between individuals. Gone are the days where family members could sit at a table and talk about their day. Now everyone is far too invested in their tablets and smartphones to contribute to a conversation putting technology in a bad light.

Leisure and Fun

The introduction of modern technology has also brought in several exciting gaming applications. There are now advanced graphics and powerful computers to assist your gaming experience and make it ever the more enjoyable. Users can now also play with their friends and family- calling for great bonding and leisure time. Online shopping, too, has become so popular that retail stores have significantly decreased. You can now look at something and have it in your hands instead of going out and physically buying it. Shop owners can drastically save on expenses by branding their products in online stores. It also allows them to reduce the cost of their products, making it a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers alike. However, there have been some adverse health impacts of this privilege. Due to prolonged sitting and less physical activity, the number of individuals affected by obesity has skyrocketed. People who play video games for lengthy periods are more likely to have vision difficulties, back pain, all of which have apparent consequences.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the takeover of technology is an undeniable aspect of today’s society. Technology is rapidly available, and going about your day has become impossible without checking in on your phone. However, technology has indeed helped us in numerous ways. It has shaped our societies for the better. It has also produced some difficult to reverse harm on us. However, with everything we use, the discretion lies ultimately in our hands. We may avoid the negative impacts of technology by limiting our daily screen time and spending more time outside. In this way, we can ultimately optimize how we use technology to our benefit rather than contributing to harm.

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