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How to Activate McAfee with Product Key

How To Activate McAfee With Product Key

McAfee Software is a free predictive tool that, from time to time, checks upon the device for updating antivirus, firewall, and web security software to ensure the device is safe. Security Scan Plus thoroughly scans the whole device for any active threats like ransomware, trojans, and unwanted programs which get into the device.

 A McAfee CD or DVD only works well when internet connections are slow and downloading any product is next to impossible. The software works well where there is a need to reinstall the product quickly. Also, they have all the required files at one location only. To activate the McAfee, a 25-digit product key is given. This digit is known as the activation code for McAfee Software. Once one gets hold of the product key, then he/she is free to download and install the McAfee software.

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McAfee’s antivirus software is very safe and has no negative impact on the computer system for its speed or performance. There is an automatic renewal system, too, which has McAfee’s Virus Protection Pledge. It gives a 100% guarantee that if the software ever fails to remove the detected malware, the company’s experts will remove it, or a full refund of the purchase price will be provided.

How to Activate McAfee with Product Key?

  • The activation can be started by entering the product key or code at the website 
  • Enter the 25 digit McAfee activation code key in the card.
  • One needs to Log in, select “My Account,” and put up the email address and password. If the account is not created, one can create one by creating a new account and logging in. 
  • Select the McAfee product on the list of authorized purchases to be downloaded onto the computer. After the purchases, one can run the McAfee installation program.
  • The computer then gets secured and protected after a thorough  Scanning is done. 

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Tips to keep in mind about McAfee activation with product key:

  1. Carefully read the instructions on the Mcafee retail card before redeeming/activating the McAfee security.
  2. The software will be automatically activated if it’s purchased from the McAfee official website. 
  3. If one purchase from McAfee partners, then one must activate after installing the product.
  4. If one purchases the retail card of any McAfee product, then it directly allows one to activate and download the software security from the internet instead of the CD.

How to activate and redeem the McAfee product’s retail card online:

If one wants to activate and redeem the retail card, then one can go online.

To activate or redeem McAfee product retail cards, one can visit the website Then after filling up all the details, one can either log in to the existing account or create a new account. From the options, available one can redeem or activate the retail card to click and download.

How to Know if the Activation Key is Redeemed or not?

To know if the activation key is successfully redeemed or not, one can go through:

  • Visit page.
  • Enter the product code and create/login and put up other required details.
  • If the subscription code has been already used, it will show the message with the email address used to redeem. If one finds any error, then surely the subscription code hasn’t been redeemed yet. Hence, it will not be available for installation.
  • If there is any doubt or queries, one can contact customer support for a call or live available chat 24*7.

Few installation problems and their solutions?

  • If one has a McAfee product code that is still not working, there might be some issue on the page or the internet.
  • If the Activation code is correct and still not working, the experts at McAfee can help activate and install the Antivirus Security online.
  • Contact the McAfee Customer Service.

What will happen if the McAfee subscription expires?

If the McAfee subscription expires, one will need a valid McAfee subscription. To use the product, one can check whether the subscription period of all the McAfee products bought through the McAfee account is valid or not. If the subscription is over, one can reactivate it.

Click on My Account and then on Subscriptions. Then choose All Expired to which product has expired and which is still valid by clicking on View Active.

If the subscription of the McAfee security product has expired, one can choose to Renew it and activate it.

Lastly, McAfee provides an expert installation guide to activate McAfee antivirus. The book or catalog has a whole set of instructions to even the Name, logo, trademarks, and images for reference. The McAfee installation experts help the customers through live chats to find and troubleshoot the installation issues or remove any McAfee security software trademarks, names, logos, and images. Customer care shares and helps with all the problems and helps in the guidance.

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