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How to Create a Trendy Looking Website

Trendy Looking Website
Trendy Looking Website

Are there elements of your website that suggest it may be a few years old? Is it a little stale to you? Despite what some people believe, modern website design is not as simple as some people think. There are so many different techniques that picking just one might be difficult. 

If you’re looking to create a new website with a modern design or bring your old website into the modern era, here are a few ideas you should try.

Full-Screen Layout Across the Width and Height of a Display

There is nothing wrong with white space. Breathe life into your design. Sites with boxed layouts appear and feel old and claustrophobic. Modern web design takes advantage of the entire display area of the user’s device. To make your material appear more spacious, you should minimize the use of rigid divisions, boxed sections and borders.

Make use of wide-angle photos and images, and as a result, the user’s experience will be enhanced. It’s possible that adding too many full-screen image backdrops [W1] could slow down the loading time of your site. Full-screen portions are a terrific method to make an impact and separate material or messaging.

Custom Graphics & Iconography

There are numerous advantages to using custom graphics, and they are well worth the cost.

When it comes to creating unique and cohesive designs, custom icon sets and graphics are essential. Stock photography is too generic or cliché. Consider using illustrations as a substitute.


The typography of a website is just as important as any other design element.

It’s easy to let typography fly under the radar and risk having a website that looks like a Word document. Use the abundance of cost-free and aesthetically pleasing fonts available on the internet. One of the most useful web-based font resources is Google Fonts. You can add style and hierarchy to your design by using font pairings.

Font choice isn’t the only consideration. It would be best if you also played around with your type’s spacing, line height and font weight. Others will notice that attention to detail.

Incorporate a Variety of Layouts

Once in a while, take a break from the routine. Website layouts that are more daring will garner more attention. Even though it doesn’t adhere to a grid, the design remains balanced. Designing with an asymmetrical balance can produce some incredibly eye-catching and captivating results.

Be careful not to align the entire page in the same manner. Changing the layout keeps the user’s eyes moving and prevents boredom, even if only for a brief portion of the page. An easy and effective approach to adding dynamism and modernity to your website is through the use of angles; however, they won’t work for every website.

Animation & Transitions

Although animations and movement can enhance your website’s visual appeal, going overboard with them can be gimmicky. It would be best to exercise caution when using any of these. Use transitions and animations to move between images in a slider smoothly, disclose hidden content, and add effects to mouseovers. Transitions that are abrupt or lack finesse are a no-no when it comes to animated content.

Animation and transition effects can be used in your website banner adverts. Use an all-in-one animated banner maker while creating your animations. To give your animation more life, you can use middle transitions or play with the timeline’s duration to make changes.

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