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How to Make the Dubai Desert Safari Tour Memorable?

The most famous location of Dubai for tours is the desert safari. This place always provides everyone with a fascinating and thrilling experience. It is because here you have the opportunity to perform some great activities. Capture the beautiful view of different things, eat the world’s best dinner. You can’t perform all these things at your home or your living place. However, in this article, we will tell you the best tips and tricks to make your trip more memorable. If you plan to visit the desert safari Dubai, you should follow all the tips. With the help of these tips and tricks, you can easily make your trip to a desert safari more exciting and enjoyable.

Best Tips and Tricks To Make Desert Safari Dubai Trip Memorable:

Suppose you think that you will visit the Dubai desert safari and perform all activities without planning. You’re mistaken because there are too many things that you should know and care about. So, read all the tips and tricks that are very helpful for you.

Overeat Before Desert Tour:

If you are a foodie, don’t overeat before the tour. Otherwise, you will not feel well at the time of dune bashing. The dune bashing activity contains a lot of movement, and overeating will push you to discomfort. And the upset stomach will not permit you to enjoy the activity.

So, our recommendation is to eat six to eight hours before the tour pick-up time. According to science, the human digestive system takes six to eight hours to digest food. If you take a light meal before the tour, it will be fine. “But avoid overeating.”


The next tip is always to take anti-dizziness and other types of medications. As we already mentioned, the dune bashing activity includes a lot of movement. So, it might be possible that you will need anti-dizziness medications. We recommend that if you feel dizzy anytime, then you can take these medications.

Select The Suitable Time:

Selecting the best time for the desert safari Dubai is an essential part. At different times you will experience another desert safari. Morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight are included in packages. So, we recommend you select the time according to your wish and requirement.

Comfortable Clothes And Sunscreen:

The other important thing to take care of is comfortable clothes. The tour of the desert safari is long, and the comfortable clothes will provide a convenient experience. For the evening desert safari, you will need a jacket.

Besides this, the dress code is also essential and comfortable clothes. So, before selecting the clothes, check out the dress code. In Dubai, the sun is blazing all the time. If you plan to visit the morning desert safari, Dubai doesn’t forget the sunscreen.

Dubai Desert Safari View Through Hot Air Balloon:

You can enjoy the desert safari view through the hot air balloon. It is the most exciting activity that you can perform. If you want to see the more stunning scenery, visit the morning desert safari. Try the hot air balloon if you are brave enough or want something interesting.

Enjoy The Sandboard:

Sandboarding is considered the common sport in the desert safari Dubai. In this activity, you have a board and slide it down with the help of that board. Sliding down red dunes is fun. So, don’t forget to include this activity in your tour.

Explore The Desert with Camel Ride:

You will see the camels in the desert safari Dubai, so it is not harmful to experience the camel ride. Camels are considered gentle animals. If you don’t know how to board a camel, then don’t worry, you will get the complete guide. The owners of the camels will teach you first, and then you can experience the camel ride.

Ride Quad Bike or Buggy:

In the desert, riding the quad bike provides you with an enjoyable experience. The riders will guide you on how to ride the quad bike, and then you can experience this activity. They will give you complete instructions, so you don’t have to worry about the quad bike ride. Riding the quad bike is the best opportunity to explore the Arabian desert. However, you can also ride the buggy than the quad bike. But you have to pay some extra money to experience the quad bike and buggy ride.

Evening and Overnight Desert Safari Dubai:

The evening desert safari is also the best time for the tour. You can see the beautiful sunset with the red dunes through the evening desert safari. You can experience too many activities in the evening desert safari like sand bashing, camel riding, henna painting, and many others. The evening desert safari will finish with the world’s best BBQ buffet dinner.

The overnight Desert Safari Dubai is also an exciting time to visit. The most exciting activity of the overnight safari is belly dance performance. Other than this, you can experience the one-night camp in the desert with shining stars. So, if you have too much to visit at night, you should tour the desert safari at night.

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