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How to make the smooth stone in Minecraft?

How to make the smooth stone in Minecraft?
How to make the smooth stone in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, several stone building blocks can be harvested, and the material can be further refined into smooth stone via crafting. Cobblestone is the most prevalent form of stone, which is easy to find and can be harvested just with early game equipment. We will walk you through the smooth stone production process step by step in this guide in Minecraft and what items you’ll need to complete this. Skyblock Servers are similar to web servers, except that they offer game matches that other people can join instead of hosting websites.

You will need to build a smooth stone in Minecraft with the help of three main things but before that let’s understand what is a smooth stone. Over the years, this stone has changed a bit and both the purpose of this stone and how it is made has changed. Smooth stone is a variety of stone made by smelting stone. Smooth Stone is only mined by a pickaxe. It drops nothing when mined without a pickaxe. Coming back to the things we need. The first thing we will need is Cobblestone, the Second is Coal and the third is Furnace. Let’s go over how to get everything steps by step. This will be a brief instruction about how to create Smooth Stone to make those amazing builds! Let’s start. 

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How to Make Smooth Stone?

You have to do some smelting in order to make a smooth stone. In Minecraft, you get cobblestone in return when you mine normal stone. You must go through two Smelting process, in order to turn cobblestone into Smooth Stone.

Step 1: Find Cobblestone

As we have stated before, Cobblestone is the most frequent form of stone you’ll find in the game. For a few items here, you’ll need Cobblestone. First, it’s the stone you’ll use to make a furnace. Second, the stone will be crafted into smooth stone.

Step 2: Find Coal

Coal in Minecraft is also very common and you’ll need it to start your furnace. In and around the places where you’ll find cobblestone, you’ll find plenty of coal. There is a trick to identify where the coal is, you just have to look for the blocks which have black spikes and you can easily get coal from there.

Step 3: Build the Furnace

The Furnace can be built with 8 Cobblestone blocks in the crafting menu. Except for the middle one, each block should be filled to craft the furnace.

Step 4: Turn Cobblestone into Stone by using Furnace

You will need something to put into it once you have built your furnace. Coal is an excellent energy source for the oven, and it is rich so that we utilize the coal we discovered above in the bottom slot of the Furnace. You will want to place the Cobblestone you’ve left in the top slot. After you insert the two things into the furnace, you’re going to witness the flames blaze and the cobblestone becomes stone.

Step 5: Make The Use Of Furnace Again & Turn Stone into Smooth Stone

You have to move this step a bit forward and repeat exactly the same method to acquire Smooth Stone. You will take the stone from your first run with the furnace and add coal, and Smooth Stone will be crafted.

-These are some of the characteristics of the Smooth Stone:

StackableYes (64)
Blast resistance6
Catches fire from lavaNo

Mechanics and Extra Info

Since Smooth Stone is formed from Stone, a pickax is required for it to drop. Besides crafting, locating villages and houses is the only method to get Smooth Stone. If you didn’t know, like any other rock-based block, you can also use the Stonecutter in Smooth Stone. Unfortunately, you can’t create the steps in Smooth Stone, but you can use this to get a single slab rather than six.

Quick FAQs

About Minecraft.

developed by Mojang, Minecraft is a sandbox video game. This game was created in Java programming language by Markus “Notch” Persson. Published in May 2009 for the first time for the public but was officially launched in November 2011. Since then, Minecraft has become the world’s leading video game, with 200 million copies sold, and 126 million active users as of 2020.

In Minecraft, players explore a blocked 3D world with nearly endless terrain, dynamically created and are able to locate and extract raw materials, tools and things, and create structures or earthworks. Players can compete with other players in the same environment, depending on the game mode and setting. Game options include a version of survival that requires players to obtain resources to create their world and preserve health and a creative mode that provides unlimited resources to players. The game can be modified via players to generate new mechanics, objects and content.

Can You Make Smooth Stone in a Blast Surface?

In any furnace, you can create a smooth stone but you should have regular stone smelting fuel.

What can you build with Minecraft’s Smooth Stone?

Smooth stone is used first and foremost for the crafting of blast furnaces. You can build the upgraded version of your typical furnace and smelt ores or armour at double the pace using smooth stone. A blast furnace also offers half the sensation on the flip side.

The villagers can be turned into armourers with the help of smooth stone. While smooth blocks do not have much utility, smooth stone slabs can be crafted using three blocks in the mid-row of the crafting screen. Slabs have more applications than regular blocks from a construction standpoint.

What Block Goes Well With Smooth Stone?

A Smooth Stone has an extremely polished texture. Aesthetic is often an opinion, but smooth stone looks quite well when coupled with polished andesite and stone bricks. If you had a theme in mind, every black block would work nicely

Final Words

That’s all about Minecraft and smooth stone. Follow the steps shared in this blog and make a perfect smooth stone.

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