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How to Make Your Old Ring Shine Again: 5 Class Ring Ideas to Make Your Old Ring New

How to Make Your Old Ring Shine Again: 5 Class Ring Ideas to Make Your Old Ring New

Did you know class rings are currently one of the hottest jewelry trends?

Class rings are unique and expensive time capsules, not to mention wearable pieces of art. But many of us keep them buried in jewelry boxes, unworn and forgotten. Why?

Because the ring has lost its “shine”: it no longer has that new, exciting feeling.

The good news is, you can get that shine back! Keep reading for five class ring ideas that will make your old ring feel new and exciting again.

1. Resize Your Ring

When you dig your old class ring out of storage, you may be surprised to find it doesn’t fit. Don’t panic! The seller of your ring probably provides free resizing.

This means that, for about four bucks in postage, you are able to have the “new ring experience.”

When they will send it back in an official drawstring bag, or even a velvet-lined box, you won’t be able to resist wearing your “new,” perfectly fitting ring.

2. Clean and Repair Your Ring

Even if your ring fits, it may still need some TLC.

Your ring may be tarnished or dirty, or the band could be worn out. Or perhaps your stones are damaged. If so, you can send it back to the seller for class ring cleaning and repairs.

Warning: Do not send a class ring to just any jewelry shop. Once your ring has been altered by a third party, the original manufacturer usually refuses to touch it. The warranty is null.

Most rings come with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information on caring for a class ring, warranties, and repairs, check out this article.

3. Change the Stone

Your old class ring may sport a dated, ugly stone. If so, you can send the ring in to have the stone exchanged. This could involve upgrading to a semiprecious or precious alternative.

With new stones, class rings immediately feel brand new.

4. Upgrade/Trade-In

If the style of your old class ring is old-fashioned and clunky, most manufacturers allow you to trade in your ring. This is especially common if the ring is gold.

Then, you can pick out a sleek, modern ring that fits your current style. The current value of the old ring will be deducted from the price!

So for very little expense, you can have a shiny new ring.

5. Get Creative in Using and Wearing

If you want to make your old ring feel new again, try using it in a creative way. Wear it as a necklace, or put it on a charm bracelet.

Display your ring in a shadow box with your diploma. Or, treat the ring like a napkin ring, and put your rolled-up diploma through it. This displays both in a unique and attractive way.

Final Class Ring Ideas

Class rings are highly personal, beautiful mementos. Do not sell or discard yours! Future generations of loved ones will treasure your ring because it belonged to you.

Use these five class ring ideas to make your ring shine like new. Wear it and enjoy!

If you liked this article, check out our blog for additional fashion and jewelry trends and tips.

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