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How to Optimize Your Site’s Ranking in Google

The success of any online business depends on how well it ranks on Google. Ranking highly of Google can help increase the ability of your business to generate leads. Your audiences can therefore consider your business authentic and of a good image.

Due to constant changes in the nature of the algorithm of Google, ranking requires dedication, resourcefulness, creativity, persistence, and patience. Optimizing your site’s ranking in Google is not magical, but it requires following specific steps and guidelines to the latter.

Use a mobile-friendly website

One of the most effective SEO 2021 strategies is ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly. Most of the website traffic comes from mobile devices and so to rank well on Google, your site must be successful on mobile.

Many people use their mobile devices to search for information, shop, or do other things because it is easier and faster. It is easier to win new consumers if they can access your website through their mobile devices. An informative and smooth website makes a great first impression.

Tech experts for custom papers site mention that no matter the quality of your content, consumers are not willing to wait for long if your site is slow. In most cases, mobile-friendly websites have a great user interface and are fast and this can be advantageous to your business. Users will find what they are interested in within seconds and this can increase your business authenticity and popularity.

Publish useful and relevant content

The SEO agency owner currently working on the buy an essay online says one of the key drivers of search engine rankings is quality content. Creating quality content for your audience boosts site traffic, hence increasing your site’s relevance and authority. To create useful and relevant content, you need to identify the keyword phrase to use for every website’s page.

Ask yourself how the readers might search for the specific page using possible search terms. Ranking for several keyword phrases requires you to create a distinct webpage for every targeted keyword phrase. After choosing the keyword phrase, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it possible to use all or some of the phrases in the web page URL?
  • Is it possible to use all or some keyword phrases in the title of the page?
  • Is it possible to use all or some keyword phrases in the web page’s subheadings and headings?

If the answers to these questions are “yes,” then it is possible to improve your ranking on search engines as long as you remain user-friendly and natural. Ensure that the content is usable and readable for your audience.

Measure and track the appropriate SEO metrics

Tracking some important site metrics to identify other factors that need improvement is also good for Google rankings. One of the most important metrics to assess is organic traffic. Understand how your site visitors get to your site through Google.

Previously most web visitors could be guided by the organic search, crushing the non-organic platforms such as social media and paid search. Today, paid ads, email and social media play an important role in boosting organic traffic, although this depends on the industry. Finding the number of visitors reaching your site requires you to access the Google Analytics account to review the report of the acquisition channels.

Another metric to assess is the organic traffic leads and conversions. Focus on the keywords that lead to the web traffic generation by using the SERP scan. This tool will help you know the specific keywords that have created organic traffic in the past 12 months.

Boost the on-site SEO

On-site SEO is a fast way to improve rankings on Google because it is easier to optimize your site within minutes and begin to see the results after a few days. With on-site SEO, the HTML and content page source code is optimized. Ensure that the keyword is placed towards the start of the title tag, a process called “Frontloading” the keyword.

Frontloading is important because Google emphasizes the words that appear early in the title tags and emphasizes less on those that appear later. Good on-site SEO helps the search engines to interpret the content of the web page. It also helps the users to clearly and quickly understand the web content and whether the website meets their desired expectations.

The main objective of on-site SEO is attempting to make it easy for users and search engines to establish what a web page is concerned with. It also aims at allowing the users and search engines to identify a page as useful and relevant to search queries.

Reduce the website’s bounce rates

Google does not like seeing people accessing a site and bouncing back fast to the search results. Bouncing is an indication that people don’t like the content. If users don’t like the content, the ranking will be impossible.

Reducing the bounce rates requires you to align the web content with the intent of the search to give the searchers what they are interested in. Apart from the search intent, you can also check the section of “Above the Fold” because people see this immediately they get to your site.

People decide whether they want to bounce or not based on the site’s information. Pushing the content to the top can allow Google searchers to find the relevant content easily.

Another way to reduce the bounce rates is by adding videos, charts, visuals, selfies, and screenshots to your page. Adding visuals makes the content simple to understand and compelling, hence reducing the bounce rates.

Optimizing your page load time can also help to reduce bounce rates. A web page that takes too long to load may annoy the users and cause them to bounce. Many users, especially those on mobile, expect a webpage to load within less than three seconds.


Optimizing your site’s ranking in Google is an excellent way to boost web traffic and build the business image. Take time to understand where your rankings are currently and identify the most appropriate steps to take to improve the rankings. After implementing the strategies, remember to evaluate the results and see if there are additional leads or conversions.

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