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How to remove the deep scratch from the car

Owning a car is a symbol of status in the current world. A person coming into a public space is evaluated by the vehicle in which they are arriving. One’s personality is understood by looking at the neatness of their car. A genuine person always tries to keep their commute neat. So, one can improve their impression by keeping their vehicle without any damages. The most common problem that causes any car is a scratch. Visit here to find the best methods to avoid and remove car body scratches. Even though we try hard not to scratch, some scratches will happen. 

Removing scratches

Removing scratches is no easy task. Especially removing deep scratches is difficult. There are some scratch removal kits available in the market. Using such kits is the best way to remove scratches. Some scratch removing pens are available, which are used to fill the scratch with a coating the same colour as the outside layer paint of the vehicle. Some other kits contain few chemicals. First, there will be a cleaning liquid that helps clean the scratch and nearby areas. Then the next chemical liquid is rubbed in the section of the scratch. The exterior paint coating of the cars contains several layers. The chemical will remove some layers to remove the scratch. After removal of marks, remove excessive chemicals with clean clothing. Let it dry, and then wash the area with washing liquid. If the cut is too deep, buy a scratch filling putty. Apply this in the portion after cleaning the area. Remove the excessive putty with the help of a microfiber cloth. Then apply liquid paint that is the same as the exterior colour of the vehicle. Visit here to know more about the causes and methods of prevention of scratches.

Causes of scratches

1.Rubbing against branches of plants

In India, the paving of the roadside is not usual. So small plants will spread into the road. As a result, when giving space to others, the vehicle will rub against these bushes, which leads to scratching of body paint. This scratching can be severe or minor. But this is the most common cause. 

2.Loose stones, pebbles and rocks

While driving the vehicle, the chance of getting hit by loose stones, pebbles, and stones is high. Other cars passing by will shoot loose stones inroads in all directions. Some of these stones will hit other vehicles. These stones cause scratches all over the paint. Sometimes, rocks are deflecting from cars’ own tyres. The depth of scratch depends upon the size of the rock and the speed of hitting.

3.Bird droppings

Bird droppings on cars are common in most areas. Even though it seems silly and easily washable, it is not always the case. If droppings were not immediately washed away, they stuck hard on the surfaces of vehicles. After this, when washing the droppings off, it can leave scratches. So, if droppings are found on the car, clean it immediately. If it got dried and stuck to the car body, clean it after soaking it in water.

Weather can affect the paint coating of cars. Exposure to rain and snow increases the chance of scratches. The suddenly changing hot and cool weather will damage the car paint. Also, particles in the wind cause scratches on the car body.

5.Negletness in washing

Washing cars regularly is good behaviour, and it will keep the car clean. But while washing the vehicle, there are some conditions like the use of good wash and clothes. But due to negligence and lack of knowledge, many car owners use abrasive cleaners. These cleaners may not be suited for every vehicle. Thus they will cause damage to car paint. One another problem that occurs during washing is the use of dirty clothes for cleaning the car. The low-quality clothes can retain dust particles in them. After this, when it is rubbing against the car body, it will cause scratches in the car body.

Preventive methods

1.Using a protective coating

Many service providers provide a variety of protective coatings for vehicles. These protective coating may be transparent sheet coating or protective paint coating, and the protective layer can be of the same colour as the car or a maybe different colour. Such a coating can prevent any contaminants from scratching the original painting.

2.Wash regularly with suitable wash and clothe

There are many advantages to washing the vehicle regularly. Any dirt on the car body is washed immediately. Use suitable washing liquid that will not damage the paint coating. Choose microfibre cloths for washing. These clothes will not absorb dust particles. Thus, it will reduce the chances of scratches. 

3.cover the vehicle properly

Properly covering the vehicle can avoid many problems like bad weather and bird droppings. Always try to use a proper cover for the car that covers all parts. Avoid covering the vehicle with dirty covers because it can cause scratches on the automobile.

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