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What are they must-have furniture installation tools?

Furniture Tools
Furniture Tools

Well, today, I’m going to add on this with some additional tools you might want to consider having if you’re planning for a DIY project. In my opinion, these must-have furniture installation tools will be beneficial and save you time and money when you need them: 

1) Electric screwdriver/drill with drywall bit set –

If you don’t already own one of these (and they come in various voltages), then this is most likely your single most important purchase that can make many tasks go much faster. They range from $35-$120 depending on how powerful it is. Check Viking tools for options.

2) Socket wrench –

I find this indispensable when assembling furniture that requires attaching the legs, pedestals & other accessories with nuts/bolts. If you don’t own one, don’t even attempt to assemble your new furniture without it!

3) Extension cord –

150ft is the most common size in use today. This is very helpful if you’re trying to reach an electrical outlet that may be inaccessible or simply hard to get at safely (i.e., behind large pieces of furniture). Plus, most homes only have 3-5 available power outlets for light-duty appliances like lamps and nightstands, so make sure you plan before buying all your furniture!

4) Flashlight

Believe it or not, it can sometimes be almost as dark as a cave when you’re working inside your furniture. So having a flashlight is definitely helpful for making sure you don’t drop or misplace those small items which fall or roll into the nooks and crannies of your new furniture!

5) Utility knife –

This one should be obvious to most people. Still, I’m going to mention it anyway because it comes in convenient for cutting/trimming plastic coverings, cardboard, foam packing material, and leather wraps installed onto many new furniture pieces. Once again, if you need to replace any missing parts, this is also indispensable when opening up the boxes without damaging them further.   

6) Extension ladder –

Depending on your furniture’s height, this might be a luxury for most people unless you have ceilings that are too high to reach without it. 

7) Volunteer helpers –

Believe me when I say that it gets much easier if 2-3 other friends come over to help you assemble your new furniture…because 3 heads are better than 2! You can always reward them with some fresh baked cookies or cake afterward 😉 However, if no one else is available, don’t hesitate to call 1-800 DIYer because they will also send live assistants within 30 minutes of placing the order.

8) Furniture repair kit –

If you own or on buying any leather furniture, then you might want to invest in one of these because you can fix most scratches, staining, and rips with a little TLC.

9) Furniture polish

Another helpful thing you’ll need is if your new furniture has a leather or any wooden finish, which can become dull looking over time if not properly maintained. I’ve included it here mainly because this is something that you should consider investing in before assembling anything, rather than after it’s too late!

The bar-type stool will be very useful when trying to reach those high parts on your furniture which are hard to get at without the proper equipment. Make sure you buy an inexpensive adjustable one for $20-$40, so there won’t be any excuse not to do

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