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how to repair diamond cut alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are quite popular these days. They have become very common on the road, due to their attractive looks and sturdiness. However, if your car has alloy wheels, there is a chance that they might get damaged when coming across any accident or when you hit the curb hard when parking. Sometimes this damage can be deep enough to make it impossible for you to drive your car or use it in any way until the wheel is repaired. If this happens, you should consider getting rid of them and fitting new ones in place of them. However, if replacing alloys is not an option for whatever reason, then there are certain steps that can help repair them.

Get your alloy wheel repaired by an expert Wheel Refurbished. They can use either of these procedures, depending on how badly the wheel is damaged: · Using high quality repair filler · Using a cutting disc and then applying filler 2 You can also do it yourself with some basic DIY tools. If you want to try this, then here are the steps that you should follow for this method: · Use sand paper or wet-and-dry paper for removing the rust from the alloy wheels completely. If there is any dirt left over after cleaning, wipe them off with a rag soaked in white spirit 3 Now create a mixture of baking soda paste with lemon juice. Apply this.

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How To Repair Alloy Wheels – Useful Tips:


If some of your alloy wheels look as if they have been sand blasted, then there is a very high chance that you have diamond cut alloy wheels. It’s hard to believe the amount of people I see with badly corroded alloys and still using these wheels as spares on other cars!

They really do look awful and put me off buying second hand alloys, luckily we can easily repair them and almost make them look new again. This guide will give you some tips and tricks to repairing diamond cut alloy wheels at home without taking them to a professional first.

The first thing you need before you start this repair is a spare set of wheels. Chop your Diamond cut alloys up for spares and use them to find what will work the best with your current wheels.

We need to get rid of these rust patches first, so take some fine grit paper or Emory cloths to rough up the surface where the paint has chipped off.

Try not to remove too much material as you can always go back once you’ve done this rub over the area again using some metal polish that contains abrasive compound. You should be able to see scratches left by the paper or cloth now, ensure they are in the direction of the diamond cuts, applying metal polish to these areas using circular motions with a cloth or foam applicator.

After you have polished right into all the gaps between the diamond cuts, here comes the fun part! Using some white spirit on your finger tip apply pressure slightly beneath where your new paint will be applied, this will create a small ridge which you can now rub over vigorously with some fine grade sand paper. This will leave the area looking like it has been lightly sand blasted ready for painting.

The next two stages are not necessary if you are doing more than one wheel but they do make life easier at this point in time. Masking tape is ideal for protecting any alloy wheels that are attached to your car and masking off the logos and inscriptions on your existing alloy wheels.

Take care not to get any white spirit or metal polish onto your tires as this can damage them so try cover up as much as you can with masking tape, the less the better as it is cheaper than buying new tires! …


Hello and welcome to this step by step guide on repairing those unsightly dents, dings and small scratches that seem to occur on our diamond cut alloy wheels at some time or another! I’m going to show you how we can repair these small imperfections so they almost disappear completely with out spending a fortune taking them back to the dealer for repair. The vehicle used in pictures for this guide is a Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth which has diamond cut alloys which are known for rusting very easily and having many small scratches. I could have taken these alloy wheels to a specialist alloy wheel repair shop but it would have cost me about £40 per wheel, this is because they only work on one wheel at a time. Before you start any of this make sure that your alloy wheels are clean.


That concludes our article on how to repair diamond cut alloy wheels , we hope you found the information useful and maybe learnt something new about repairing your own alloys at home.

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