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How to run a successful ad on YouTube in 2022

YouTube as a video streaming advertising platform is growing its reach among multiple demographics in the world. The platform boasts of a staggering 2 billion unique active users monthly and an average of 5 billion watched videos per day.

With new strict changes to how brands track potential consumers across the internet, platforms like YouTube remain one of the most effective ways to drive new customers to your business. According to a survey, 90% of users discover new brands from YouTube.

So, how do you create ads that thrive and beat the competition on this huge platform? Let’s dive in.

1. Audience research

How do you feel when a stranger tries to sell something to you while you’re on your way to work or your child’s sports match? Uninterested? Irritated? Ticked off?

Your audience feels the same way when you don’t do thorough researchabout them and their interests. In 2022 audience research goes beyond mere demographics, spending power, career, or location. It’s now more centered on consumer interests and emotions.

What are they coming on YouTube to find? What feelings or concerns is deeply felt among them? Knowing these things determines the kind of video you create.

2. Ad quality

Video resolution, approach, storyline, and more are critical determinants of how people resonate with your video and what it leaves at the back of their minds.

No one wants to give their precious seconds to a boring video or topic. So, to leave a significant impact on your target consumer’s mind. Or encourage them to leave their viewing interest to hear you out; you need to do more brainstorming and testing.

Ask yourself: What will resonate with my audience’s interests and strugglesand keep them entertained long enough to hear all I have to say and take me seriously?

Also, learn the best marketing practices to successfully bypass the objections they might have and get your desired response

3. Presence

It’s a rule of thumb in the advertising world that most potential consumers have to see your ad a couple of times for them to take it seriously enough to buy.

This doesn’t mean you should choke them with your ad throughout the day. But ensure your ad appears frequently enough to leave an impression in their minds.

You can explore this option further by employing various ad types for your youtube campaign.

4. Targeting

You don’t advertise agricultural products to a banker hoping they patronize you. Youtube’s billions of users have varying interests.

This is where knowing your consumer comes in handy. YouTube gives advertisers many targeting metrics to position their ads before people most likely to buy their product or services.

Some of these metrics include:

  1. Location targeting
  2. Demographics
  • Interests
  1. Keywords
  2. Types of videos
  3. Types of channels, and more.

You can pick up any free courses about marketing on YouTube to better understand how to use these metrics to your advantage.

5. Testing

Now your killer ad is live on the platform its time to test. A/B testing helps you figure out what part of your ad you need to improve to see better results.

From ad types, CTA, title, video content to location,keywords, music, and more, you can improve a lot of areas.For example, you can test the performance of skippable ads and non-skippable ads.

Continually testing and improving your ads ensure that your content remains relevant and impactful in your audience’s mind.


Advertising on platforms like YouTube is becoming more competitive as stricter consumer protection rules stir up. Only brands, solopreneurs, and advertisers that harness the power of stimulatingemotionsand new marketing strategies can thrive.

You can leverage platforms like iMarketingto up your skills and stay updated on new internet marketing strategies. These platforms provide users with top internet marketing secrets and courses from experts in the industry to help businesses thrive.

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