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How To Save Energy at Home with small tweaks

Save Energy

Making small adjustments to how you use energy can make a big difference to the cost of your energy.

Rooms for families

Shut off appliances on the wall

TVs as well as computers, DVD players games consoles, stereos, and televisions continue to use power during standby. When they are not in use turn off these appliances by putting them on the wall.

Use a power supply

A power supply board is able to provide electricity to several appliances simultaneously and permits you to turn off all appliances by using that same button.

Make use of spotlights or lamps.

If you just require some illumination, you can use spotlights or lamps in lieu of the main lighting.

Make use of globes that save energy

Switch your old light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps.

How many lights are on?

Switch off the lights in rooms that you aren’t using.

The kitchen

Microwave oven

The food is frozen in the refrigerator first, to speed up the cooking time. Microwaves require less energy than ovens. If you’re cooking, do not constantly opening the door.

Cooking on the stove

Make sure to cover pots’ lids when cooking to decrease the energy and time required. The dinner will cook quicker too.

Boiling water

Consider using an electric kettle as the stove.


Make use of the economy cycle to do your everyday laundry or only load the dishwasher when fully loaded. This will help conserve water.

Freezer and fridge

Set your fridge’s temperature at 4 to 5 degrees, and your freezer’s temperature to 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. Refrigerators and freezers should be kept in an air-conditioned, cool area far from ovens and sun to help conserve energy. Maintain a 5-centimeter gap around your fridge to ensure that air circulates freely.

The laundry

Cleaning clothes

Make sure to run the washer or dryer with a full load. Make use of cold water to wash clothes and spin them well before drying.

Drying clothes

Make use of a clothesline rather than drying your clothes when you can. Make sure to use a dryer only with an entire load, and only when clothes are thoroughly wrung. Don’t put clothes in the dryer that are dripping wet. Make sure the filter is clean.

The bathroom

Make sure you are using water in a responsible manner.

Set the temperature of hot water up to 50 degrees Celsius. Installing water-saving showerheads at your home can reduce the amount of hot water as well as the energy consumed. Cut down showers down to under five minutes.

Shut off appliances

Shut off appliances like hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, or radios on the wall.


Utilize timers and sensors

Utilize timers with programmable sensors and timers to illuminate outdoor areas.

Utilize solar power to generate electricity

You might want to consider using solar outdoor lights to illuminate your outdoor garden and areas.

Separate your lighting

Separate the lights, so you can decide which areas you wish to illuminate.

Heating and cooling

Reduce the need for heating and cooling equipment.

Close the doors to unoccupied rooms to limit the space you must cool or heat.

Keep the curtains and window shades shut to cut down on your energy consumption required to keep the temperature consistent inside.

Instead of heating your bedroom, you can add a blanket on top of your bed, or make use of an electric blanket wheat bag, a Hot water bottles.

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