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How to Secure Your E-commerce Website

Secure Your E-commerce Website
Secure Your E-commerce Website

In this digital era, malware and cyberattacks threats are ever ready to crash your website. The worst part is they can even put your customers’ sensitive and private data at risk; therefore, a security system that you use can either make your business or break it. For this particular reason, security should be the topmost priority for an e-commerce website before you even plan on launching it.

It should be noted that hackers don’t choose the victims randomly; a broad range of identification techniques are used, also known as a virtual fishing net, to capture websites that have shared and evident issues within them. Unless hackers want some challenging element, their prime focus is to target purely vulnerable websites and haven’t taken enough measures to protect their data. DDoS attacks can even cause other problems like 504 gateway timeouts, which you will then need to fix the 504 gateway timeout on supporthost.

It is better that you also opt for a reliable web hosting service along with some prior security knowledge. Now the question is which one to opt for? Let’s ease your task here. Firstly, choose the one that focuses on encryption technology between the server and the user or between the business server and your web host server.

This is done so that communications can be encrypted and your data is protected from any theft. Also, make sure you ask the web host about the password and eradicate any store passwords in plain text or number format; choose a combination.

Now there are specific ways through which you can secure your e-commerce website. This includes shared hosting, cheap hosting, WordPress managed to host, or cloud hosting. Let’s review some of these to check their ease of implementation and security potential from highest to lowest;

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

 The top thing that goes in our security list is Virtual Private Servers, also known as VPS. These are mainly computers situated somewhere and are linked to a network you have access to. Through this option, you can build the entire web hosting atmosphere on your own. Keep in mind that it is totally up to you that how secure your system can be.

Managed Hosting (WordPress)

Various service providers specialize in WordPress hosting performance. Their primary focus is on a particular framework, and since they are aware of the dos and don’ts of WordPress, they can work on a very secure system.

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Moreover, there are few fully managed web hosting companies that are good at website security. For additional protection, specific platforms also come up with backup plugins. It is still inevitable for the websites to get hacked on a managed hosting, but it is not as dangerous or frequent as in shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting Platforms

 Cloud hosting like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is an easier way to launch an e-commerce website. These platforms help in automating the set-up process and also enable you to manage the servers easily. 

They are similar to managed hosting but have the edge over them as they can offer more than WordPress. They also provide better options for security modifications as compared to shared hosting (discussed next). Still, if you are not aware of what to do, it is better to go to someone who does or opt for fully managed hosting services.

Shared Hosting

 Shared hosting is a widespread choice because of its simplicity in the running quickly. It also has a plus point of being a cheaper option. With that, you should remember you always get what you pay for. In shared hosting like NTC Hosting, all the websites or domains share the resources too. This indicates that when you have heavy traffic coming all the way, the website may become slow than needed.

If we talk in terms of security, a common problem with this option is that the other sites making use of this service may not be adequately isolated from one another, leading to every site being compromised if one of the websites is hacked.

 Therefore we should keep in mind that the primary concern of these hosting companies is not security but hosting. Security is altogether another domain and a specialized one. So whichever option you opt for is correct, and also ensures that you opt for a web application firewall for additional protection.

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