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How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number?


Whatsapp has become an integral part of our lives. The ease to send messages, pictures, files and the seamless sync across devices has made Whatsapp our preferred choice for most of our messaging needs.

Nowadays many people use Phone numbers that are not associated with their actual numbers like they buy a new sim card and they might want to use that number to register on Whatsapp. You may also have a Phone number that is not associated with your country or region and you do not want to give this number for your Whatsapp account.

There might be many reasons for this like security, privacy, fake numbers, etc. How will you use WhatsApp without a phone number?

I have tried many techniques and have been successful in using Whatsapp without a phone number. In this tutorial, I will share with you the proven method that has worked for me. First of all, as always we start from scratch  – so if you have any whatsapp account already create a new one  now .

So let’s begin…

Step 1 : Whatsapp Account Registration Without Number

Download Whatsapp from the link given below. Now follow simple instructions to set up your WhatsApp account WITHOUT entering any number. Now you can use this account for some time by adding friends etc. Just make sure that you are using this account ONLY ON ONE DEVICE at a time. Although you can use this account on multiple devices but it is advised to use it on only one device so that you retain all your previous chats and contacts.

Step 2 : Change Android ID Without Root

Download Titanium Backup Pro from the link given below. Now use this app to change your android ID to a completely different id like 1868xxxxxxxxxxxx ( Do Not Use This Number Please). Make sure you are not using the same number as it will make changes only on that device and your WhatsApp account will be lost.

Step 3: Change Whatsapp Number Without Root Access

Now go to the play store and download Fake GPS Location Spoofer from the link given below. Open this app and select a location that is totally different from your original location. For example, you might want to use New York while actually, you are in some other city like Mumbai, etc..  So open this app, select New York as location and click on start now.

Step 4 : Change Whatsapp Number With Fake GPS Spoofed Location

Now open Whatsapp , go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Delete my account.Now you will get a popup of Are you sure? Yes / No. Click on Yes. Now it will ask for your Google account. Enter your new fake number in the field provided there and click on OK. Then enter your new password and re-enter it to confirm then click on Ok. Now Whatsapp will ask you that ” Your phone number xxxxxxxx is already registered. Do you want to unregister it? “. Click on Yes. Now wait for 1-2 min and open Whatsapp again. Now your number will be changed to the new fake number you entered.

Step 5 : Save Your Chats

Now go to Titanium backup pro app, click on Menu >> Batch Actions >> Restore Missing Apps + Data then click on restore missing data ONLY so that all your messages are saved in WhatsApp and we don’t lose our chat history.

Step 6 : Dump Whatsapp database file on PC

Whatsapp uses SQLite databases for data storage. If you want to backup your chats then you need to dump this database file from the phone memory into your computer. I will suggest using dr. fone toolkit as it is easy to use and you can backup all your chats with a single click. You can download it from the link given below.

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