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SevenTorrents & Seven Best Alternatives

In the world of fast and continuous competition, all we want to do is relax or have fun alone or with friends and family. What could be better than the luxuries of our own home, a warm and fuzzy blanket on our comfortable couch? We all enjoy watching HD movies for free in this relaxing environment. With the torrent, you can download any file, movie, software & game.

It would be very beneficial for everyone to go torrenting because it would reduce the burden that has been on the main server distributing it to various other servers copying it. And the most popular torrent is SevenTorrents.

About SevenTorrents

Seventorrents is one of the top movie streaming services, allowing users to download an unlimited number of movies and TV shows that too for free. It has transformed the entertainment industry and movie theatres, making it possible for anybody to experience entertainment at any time and from any location. It is popular among torrent fans because it is one of the safest torrent sites for watching free movies. SevenTorrents offered high-quality films that drew in millions of viewers.


After a ten-year service in the torrent sector, 7torrents has chosen to call it quits. Over the last ten years, the site announced its retirement, which has served more than 40 million unique visitors. It unexpectedly retired in 2018, leaving all of its visitors and followers distraught. As per the source, it has announced its retirement owing to the continued battle with copyright complaints, limits, domain bans, and other legal concerns that have made operating the service difficult.

A New Address – watch so much

SevenTorrent’s user database has been moved to a new torrent site, WatchSoMuch, as the service has retired. Many of the users were extremely unhappy and sad because of the seventorrents expiration. We would happily announce to you that was so much is the new source of enjoyment that you have been looking for in the torrent download sites like seventorrents. The website also has a more intelligent online search function that improves the efficiency and accuracy of searching.

According to the growth in traffic, watch so much will soon be one of the finest streaming sites.

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Best Alternatives for SevenTorrents

For the time being, users can use one of the seven best SevenTorrents alternatives to download limitless torrents for free.

  1.     Zooqle
  2.     LimeTorrents
  3.     TorLock
  4.     SkyTorrents
  5.     LinuxTracker
  6.     Pirate Bay.
  7.     EZTV

1)    Zooqle – SevenTorrents

Users can officially watch new movies on the same page by downloading full HD torrent movies from Zooqle Movies, so they don’t have to wait for the torrent to download first. We termed Zooqle the world’s most popular torrent search engine because it has over a million verified torrents and many more added every day. Movies, games, shows, series, and anime catalogs, and many other contents are being offered on this website.

2)    Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents is a new torrent search engine that does not use proxies. There are features on this website like there is no need to make an account on this website. Because of copyright rules, lime torrent is illegal in many countries, but that is not an issue. It is robust, has many HD movies and series, and is essentially the go-to torrent service for many people.

3)    TorLock

TorLock is also one of the most trustworthy torrent sites, having proven successful the 2017 torrent policy. Torlock also displays the top 100 downloads on the site’s home page. It isn’t one of the most reliable torrent sites out today, as it frequently goes down. You can also hide your specific location and control your IP address with the help of a VPN.

4)    SkyTorrents

It is a fast Torrent search engine that prioritizes privacy. Skytorrents, like many other torrents, has a long history, which isn’t altogether encouraging. You can find links for movies, TV shows, apps, music, and more may be found here. You can find the seven different languages in this torrent.

5)    LinuxTracker

Linux Tracker is the top Linux BitTorrent-based torrent search engine and one of the best alternatives to SevenTorrent. One great thing about it is that the advertisement is very few so you can download them interruption-free and without blocking the ads. It makes the whole process very easy for you to use the website.

6) PirateBay

The Pirate Bay is the best torrent website on the internet in terms of clarity and sound.

Unless you download a damaged or malware-infected file, you can safely access the Pirate Bay. Always read the comments before downloading or check the uploader to avoid this. Use VPNs to secure your device, but don’t use them all the time, and don’t give out your actual name on this website. It has advantages like it does not charge a subscription fee, like many other torrents, and now allows users to pause and resume downloads at their will.

7)    EZTV

EZTV is a TV show torrent site created by EZTV, a TV torrent distribution company. The website of EZTV has a minimal layout and a basic style. EZTV has become one of the most popular TV torrent sites while run by a malicious organization. It is noted that in Alexa is ETV is in top thousand website which is widely used and extensively popular for its prominence and performance.

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Websites are part of every day a day today search and some of them may be counterfeited and illegal and some of them will be premium and exclusive.  There is always a question in every person asked who uses a torrent “What to do if you want to enjoy a safe torrent experience,” The answer is you can Use a Clear VPN to protect your IP address.

Without a VPN, downloading the file can cause many issues; internet service providers will be able to monitor your IP address and pinpoint your location. As a result, using a VPN is critical. Another critical factor has a decent antivirus program. Instead of using unknown torrents, utilize well-known torrents like those mention above.

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