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Incarnation of the Old Cartoon Network Shows

Incarnation of the Old Cartoon Network Shows

The old cartoon network shows itself bring nostalgia even without a blink. The introductory theme song was memorized by kids and teens all around the globe. The Cartoon Network channel is a global broadcasting channel. Nowadays, gold is generously becoming gold. The kids and teens who were brought up watching the old Cartoon Network shows are bringing up content in social media where they can brief today’s Gen-Z kids about the numerous healthy and exciting shows broadcasted on the Channel. In short, they take pride in the old Cartoon Network shows. They dance on the opening theme song of some cartoon shows.

Luckily, they are on trending pages, and today’s Gen-Z kids are getting fond of those trends and following the same. Talking about the most famous shows which broadcasted and is still being informed “The Tom and Jerry” show,

the Show which is loved by all. The craze of the Show extends when both the party men dress like Tom and Jerry characters to make their children happy, excited and feel special on their birthdays.

In every family, Tom and Jerry are always there, which means a relationship of brother and sister or brother and brother or sister and sister who fights like Tom and Jerry but understand each other and love them. Apart from the Show, the characters even travelled to different countries to make their mark in movies. 

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Can the Channels like Nickelodeon, Disney ever replace The Cartoon Network Channel?

The Channels like Nickelodeon and Disney cannot replace The Cartoon Network Channel ever. The Cartoon Network Channel portrayed the shows which were utterly different from the shows which are currently telecasted. 

The Scooby-Doo, Power-puff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, has created so much magic and puffery in the ’90s which is not possible for the shows like Motu Patlu, Selfie with Bajrangi, Doraemon to make in this 21st Century.  

Could anyone ever forget the 90’s old cartoon network show’s characters?

 No, no one can forget the eminent personalities and anime characters of the ’90s. The kids of recent times can’t forget about the feelings of Old Cartoon Network Shows. It is essential for today’s generation to see these cartoon shows as they have far better content and outlook for the kids than today’s newly created shows advertised daily on every Channel.

Will the Cartoon Network Channel ever come back with Ed Edd n Eddy, the Power-puff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, etc.?

The Cartoon Network Channel would never be back with the shows Ed Edd n Eddy, The Power-puff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog. It must be shown in the Channel for the present generation so that they can enjoy and have the experience of every anime character, which will teach them and help them to grow and bring the inquisitive nature in them. 

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How do the old cartoon characters give the kids joy and make their life worth living?

One should never give up hope- that’s what these old cartoon characters used to teach the kids, and even today, the kids get to learn a lot from these anime characters. 

Like the Show “Tom and Jerry”- one of the oldest of old Cartoon Network Shows still featured in the Channel. Tom never gives up and tries more challenging to catch Jerry. Although, Tom never succeeded. But this was one such Show which taught us to never give up on anything and try and try to grow and reach the goal. 

What is the difference in the making of cartoons for today’s generation compared to the old comics made in those times?

 There is a gap in the making of the cartoons made these days for today’s generation than created in those times, which makes the people more nostalgic when they think about the shows of the earlier times. It generally has the gap between storylining and the content, which is not as powerful to attract the audience and grab their attention. 

How Courage, the Cowardly Dog, is different from Shero in Shinchan?

In the Show Courage the Cowardly Dog, Courage suffers from paranoia problems, though he was courageous enough to save his owners from the powerful spirits and ghosts which surrounded their house, whereas Shero in Shinchan is a cheerful dog and helps Shin Chan and his family whenever they are in some difficult situation. He is an excellent friend to Shinchan and always takes care of the Nohara family. He is a fearless dog and has no such problems.

The Ben-10 show has a different outlook towards the Cartoon Network Channel altogether. Will any show ever replace it?

The Ben-10 Show could never get a replacement in the Cartoon Network Channel. The Show had created a new spark among the young generation, which taught its audience to be fearless and have the courage enough to jump into any problematic situation and stand by it till the time it doesn’t vanish from your life completely. Gwen and Ben both gave the audience the best cousin goals. This also made a significant impact on the lives of the brother-sister duo.

What was the most famous old cartoon character that still left its impact to date?

It is tough to answer the above question. There are so many characters who gave us so many memories which, when one thinks, gets nostalgic. From Teen Titans to the Power-puff Girls, one can never forget the eminent personalities. 

What was the most famous Sunday show for kids in the 90’s?

The most famous Sunday Show for the kids in the ’90s was so many, which would create a unique essence in the houses of those times. Back in those times, the kids used to get up early and take the TV Remote first as soon as they left their bed to watch their favourite Sunday Shows.

Do the Old Cartoon Network Shows only belong to the kids of that time?

 No, the Old Cartoon Network shows not only belong to the kids of that time but also the youngsters and the family members used to watch together in their free time, especially on weekends. The Shows were made not only for the kids’ entertainment but also for every family member. 

Which is a better show, Scooby-Doo on the Cartoon Network Channel or Doraemon – which is on Air (presently) on the Disney Channel?

The Scooby-Doo gave us some primary friendship goals of Scooby-Doo and Shaggy and characters like Velma, Fred, Daphne and others. They solved such mysterious mysteries and were so fascinating to watch and made us think that we are the detectives in this world. In contrast, Doraemon telecasting nowadays is a cat robot that helps Nobita and his friends with his new gadgets and not create such mysteries around us. Doraemon is all about the latest devices and what gadgets can be used to solve a tiny problem.

How does it feel when “Tom and Jerry” made a comeback after such a long time in a movie?

When the Tom and Jerry show made a comeback after such a long time, the audience had gone mind-boggling, especially the 90’s kids who used to watch Tom and Jerry with such madness. It is a kind of a roller coaster ride for the kids, and for this 21st Century, Tom and Jerry came into their lives with a game application. The kids couldn’t even enjoy the episodes watching it on television. 

How does it feel to watch such reels that are now a trend to dress like “The Power-puff Girls”- A Old Cartoon Network Show?

It is suitable for the Gen-Z kids who acknowledge the Show- “The Power-puff Girls”. It is setting new trends in Instagram and a tribute to the Power-puff Girls- Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles. It is palpable for the kids who are coming up with such innovative ideas and the people who are so enthusiastic who are making reels and videos dressed like the Power-puff Girls.

Out of the three Power-puff girls, which one is liked the most – Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles?

The three girls were always on edge to protect the city and the whole world from dangerous things like robbers who rob a bank, from the unusual experiments performed by some mad scientists who tried to finish the town using these kinds of threats. Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles had their strengths and weaknesses. The three sisters took all the duty on their shoulders to protect the world. On my part, I don’t think any one of them is less liked or most liked. They were equally important for everyone who watched the Show.

The short film is portrayed in the form “Looney Tunes”- How is it different from the recent animated short films made today?

The concept of the series may be quite different in the recent animated short films, and they differ in the storyline from the old short films. It might be different from how students take them in today’s generation. Moreover, kids are now focused on their smartphones and hardly pay any interest in animated shows.

The love and Friendship between “SScooby-Dooand Shaggy “from the old cartoon network show- “SScooby-Doo. How is it different from the Friendship of Nobita and Doraemon- from the recent animated Show- “Doraemon” telecasting on “Hungama “?

Both the shows are made on a similar concept, i.e. Friendship. But Scooby-Doo had a different flavour added to it, that is, spiritual and ghosts which acted as a plus point for the Show. Doraemon, on the other hand, has no other unique feature.

It has only shown the audience the use of new gadgets.

What comes to mind when they hear “The Old Cartoon Network Shows”??

It’s a very nostalgic feeling for any 90’s kid to express how they feel when they hear the words The “Old Cartoon Network Shows”. It takes us back to that time when these Shows were a part of our life. It has just become one more sense organ. When the kids return home after their schooling, they must think of watching their favourite Tom and Jerry while eating food. The Shows has always left an indelible impression on its audience.

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Are the Old Cartoon Network Shows like “Ben 10”, “Scooby-Doo”, “The Tom and Jerry Show” continuing on the Cartoon Network Channel?

Yes, these Old Cartoon Network Shows are still getting featured on the Cartoon Network Channel. They have very few New Shows which are being advertised. So, the Old Cartoon Network Shows are still getting a place to showcase and create magic around their favourite audience.

What can one choose- “The Teen Titans” or “Frizzy and the Lemmings”, which is presently telecasted on The Cartoon Network Channel?

Being very neutral, one must choose The Teen Titans; it is not getting on Air presently. The Teen Titans used to love to save the world, and the dialogue has its fanbase. One can watch it now on Netflix by getting a subscription. 

Were the Old Cartoon Network Shows more famous and admired than the shows on Air (presently)?

Yes, the Old Cartoon Network Shows were more popular and admired. Still, the shows get so much love and popularity that the new shows don’t get much importance.

How can one watch the Old Cartoon Network Shows in this 21st Century?

 In this 21st Century, one can watch the Old Cartoon Network Shows on the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., by getting a subscription. On YouTube, there are different channels where one can see the 90’s Cartoon Network Shows.

Are the Old Cartoon Network Shows banned in certain countries?

Yes, in some countries, the Old Cartoon Network Shows are banned due to some appropriate content which leads to prohibiting the Shows in countries like the United States of America. But they can also watch the Shows on the OTT Platforms or YouTube.


The industry of animation is precious. Voot-Kids is an application where kids can stream endless cartoon shows. Remember Ben, Kevin and Gwen, who stole most of our attention, and we thought that we could change our avatar just like them. It was our childish nature to think like that, but it was the essence of our childhood. Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix and seven more series which kept us intact to know the whole story.

We all bought fake Omnitrix, or maybe we can say a watch like Ben, the Omnitrix that meant the entire life to us. Kevin was a heartthrob for all the girls who watched the Show. We all thought we had powers like the forms of Omnitrix of Four Arms and Diamond Head. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was a fun show to watch. We were young enough to witness that Mandy was in such a mood. In India, Grim is known as “Haddi”, whose meaning is bones. “Haddi Mera Buddy” was a mere slogan for every kid and their best friend. Courage, the Cowardly Dog, was a show which taught us a lesson that it doesn’t matter how cowardly you are; if you love someone, you can always go beyond your limits to save the person.

We always wanted a dog after watching the Show. We didn’t seem to understand the depth of it, but we all loved his caring and selfless love for the master. These old cartoon network shows were enough to make us feel good and lift our mood as “those were the days”.

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