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KissAsian: Watch and Stream Asian Dramas Online

KissAsian: Watch and Stream Asian Dramas Online

Kiss-Asian is a website where you can stream endless K-dramas with subtitles. It brings you the essence of Korean culture. Dramas are watched around globally, and when it comes to K-dramas, it has its respective fan base. The rationality of K-dramas is due to the charming and tender personality of male and female leads who portrayed their characters so well that the Audience goes breath-taking. KissAsian and other websites with seeds that clan with the latest Dramas are currently in a bling empire. Kiss-Asian is a fairyland where you want to see endless fairies. People tend to watch entertaining content illegally, not to pay a certain amount to manage quality content.

Although Kiss-Asian and other websites promise to view quality content, some might disagree and take legal action. ABS-CBN is a company in the Philippines that took legal action against Kiss-Asian for illegally sharing its content on the website. It did create a buzz for the Audience. People are inclined to watch premium quality content without any remittance. Small companies like Kiss-Asian have more profits in such cases. This has a severe impact on established companies like ABS-CBN, which has a broad network in the Philippines. 

No way, Kiss-Asian could survive in such a battle. The viewers were in remorse. They had to find alternatives, which is not as tough as how it would be in the earlier days. It was a cry on the deaf ears, as many small websites provide you with the same content illegally. After the closure of Kiss-Asian, many fake websites were coming up that tried to do just as big as the actual Kiss-Asian website. We have a proxy for such websites too. It takes a few days for a group to start a website and other websites that can find them so that they can advertise their websites too. It does provide a helping hand for people who want to make it big in the IT sector. But the big companies generally suppress them. When it is illegal, and it is no more in the shadows, big companies take action against them. They appoint professional lawyers and end the case with their victory. Kiss-Asian did a great job, but illegal is illegal, and we had to accept the consequences. 

Does Kiss-Asian only have K-dramas?

No, Kiss-Asian provides a buffet of Asian dramas. It has its varieties ranging from Chinese Dramas to K-dramas. It also has Asian movies, which are perfect for binge-watching. Different genres are available, and it is promising for their Customer that when they search for any Asian drama, they always have a result ready. By any chance, if the search result doesn’t show anything or maybe the website does not have that particular Drama, one can even inform them in your suggestion Box.

Does Kiss-Asian provide Dramas with English dubbing?

No, Kiss-Asian does not provide dubbed voices in English and all their Dramas and movies. It may vary from Dramas to film. If they have any drama already dubbed in, it would contain the dubbed option for the Users. Generally, they provide you with the English subtitles appearing on your screen. The newly released Dramas and Movies do not have any dubbed voices. 

Does Kiss-Asian furnish its Users with the World Chat?

No, Kiss-Asian does not provide any such feature where one can chat with people around the world. One can provide the reviews for the Drama and can emote while one is watching any specific drama. 

Does Kiss-Asian lay you out with the option of Watch-later or Downloads?

Yes, Kiss-Asian lays out its users with the option of Watch-later and downloading their favourite K-dramas so that the User can watch them anywhere and at any time. One also can add their favourite Drama so that one won’t miss any of it. It will be displayed in your profile section. 

Has Kiss-Asian come up with the latest movies and dramas for their viewers? 

Yes, Kiss-Asian comes up with all the latest content so their viewers won’t miss any of them. It is their customer service to provide their viewers with all the fresh and brewed content. 

Does the website have a different base for trending and must watch? 

Yes, Kiss-Asian has a top base where one gets the latest movies and dramas recommendations.

Does Kiss-Asian have a search page?

Yes, Kiss-Asian has a search page where one will see Dramas/Movies which are the most searched or most popular within that period. 

Does Kiss-Asian show which Drama or movie is trending in the Application? 

Yes, it does show the trending shows which had a separate headline under them. It properly guides the Audience to watch the trend-setting dramas/ movies in a short period.

Does Kiss-Asian give a brief detail about the shows you are going to watch?

Yes, Kiss-Asian gives the information about the Drama or movie which has been released. It also shows the star cast and the character’s name who are present in that particular Drama/Movie. 

Does the website allow subtitles in other languages for the Movies/Dramas?

Kiss-Asian is a website that is used by viewers all around the globe. It is pretty challenging to provide subtitles for other languages. There might be some exceptions in the subtitles according to the year the Drama was released. The English subtitles are a must which is provided for every new and old released Drama or movie. 


Are we provided with the IMDB rating and the percentage of how many people have liked or disliked the movie/drama?

Yes, we are provided with the IMDB rating for a better outlook for our choices. However, the Application does not provide us with the percentage or number of people who have liked or disliked a particular movie/drama. 

Does Kiss-Asian have the feature of Dark Mode or Light Mode?

Yes, it is included with both the features of Dark and Light Mode. For the comfort of its Users, Kiss-Asian has provided both parts. Many people have problems watching in the Light Mode; the Dark Mode also facilitates taking care of our eyesight.  

There is a slider provided at the right-hand corner of the screen, where one can adjust the brightness of one’s screen.

Does Kiss-Asian have its terms and conditions/ Premium or VIP facilities for the Audience?

Yes, it has its terms and conditions to guide the people who are watching their Application. It is also asked by them to read the terms and conditions carefully and then begin binge-watching.

It is liable to all the people, and there is no such Premium or VIP thing in which one has to spend some money and get some additional features. All its Users get the same facilities as provided by the Application. 

How good is the Customer’s Service? How can we complain about it?

Kiss-Asian provides its Audience with the option in its Application where one can lodge a complaint or anything related to the Customer’s Service, like about the subtitles not appearing on the screen correctly and the downloads are not taking place with some particular movies or dramas that a specific person wants to watch. They need to go to the Complaint option present on the left side of the Application and write about their problem clearly and briefly. 

After writing the valid complaint, it takes a maximum of two to three days; the problem is processed and resolved within a few days. There is a notification that pops on the screen when their complaint is received, and the issue is also fixed. If the problem continues, one can again launch a complaint against it. 

How can one fix the bugs which are constantly interrupting when one opens the Movies/Dramas?

One can fix the bugs just by updating the latest version of Kiss-Asian. Sometimes, the update has not been done to the Application; it is one of the primary reasons the bugs continuously disturb one’s view. Secondly, one can get rid of this disturbance by uninstalling the Application and then reinstalling it to one’s device. These are the standard techniques one must do to fix the problem. Still, the problem continues; the option is to launch a complaint in the complaint section so that the authorities can take charge.

Is there any Help-Line number available for any urgent contact?

No, there is no Help-Line number available for the User to call and solve their problem. For Customer’s satisfaction, there is a complaint section already available in the Application. 

Is Kiss-Asian illegal?

Yes, it is illegal because it contains and features such as Dramas and Movies which do not belong or do not have the right to showcase on their Application or website. It does not have the legal permit to showcase it on its website. There has to be a legal authority of the owners who permit Kiss-Asian to keep the Dramas and Movies on their channel to make it legal. 

Does Kiss-Asian have a search page?

Yes, Kiss-Asian has a search page where one can search for their favourite K-dramas and Movies. It is straightforward for the Audience to get the things that they want very quickly. If one cannot find their favourite K-dramas or Movies, they can also send a request through the Application so that their show gets available in the Application to watch. One can also search about the other language Movies and Damas/ Web Series. 

Does Kiss-Asian leak our personal information?

No, Kiss-Asian does not leak out our Personal Information. When one opens the website, one must log in with their current Email address or phone number and set a password. One can create their profile by keeping their profile picture or keeping a Name. It doesn’t bother to leak one’s personal information; it only cares to serve its Customer with the source of entertainment – K-dramas and Movies. As mentioned above, they have their entire terms and conditions and privacy policy. They will never disrespect the privacy of their customers or viewers. 

Can we have multiple accounts to serve more Dramas and Movies on the Kiss-Asian website?

Yes, one can have multiple accounts on this website, but of course, with the different existing Email addresses or phone numbers. A person may have two cell phones with them but have only one Email address, so this feature is unlocked especially for them, and they can binge-watch at any moment. It also happens that if a particular person has forgotten the password of their account, they can create a one-more account with a different Email address and set their desired password.

Did Kiss-Asian launch other websites after getting banned?

No, Kiss-Asian hasn’t launched any other websites after getting banned. But there is a fake website that has been named after it. However, there is no such news of Kiss-Asian coming back for their Audience.  

Can we watch Kiss-Asian in the VR Mode?

Yes, one can watch the Dramas and Movies of Kiss-Asian in the VR Mode. For seeing it in the VR Mode, one needs to have good network connectivity, as watching the movies and dramas on the website takes more than the usual internet connectivity. 


Kiss-Asian was a simple website that did well in the market, but discretion is essential. Being illegal in the market, it had its suffering. The netizens were capable of watching any drama and movies with the legal subscription of any application which shows that content, should proceed to do so. 

In that way, one appreciates the one who adores and looks at them as their idol. They deserve that respect and applause for the hard work and effort they made to make any drama or movie successful. One must indulge themself in these websites only when one has no option left. The ethics and integrity had been left to you and how one has worked on it. Small websites like these get crushed in front of big companies. It is no big deal that the creators try to improvise their idea to make better websites that do not hear anyone’s sentiments. 

I hope this article conveyed all the information that one wanted to know about Kiss-Asian.

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