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Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform? PC, Xbox, Playstation

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform? PC, Xbox, Playstation
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If you play the game, Golf with your Friends, you may be thinking of playing it with your buddies playing on a different console.

Golf with Friends is a fun game where you can play online with your friends in a method called “hot-seat.” You may have seen this game getting trendy as a lot of streamers are playing this game on YouTube and Twitch. 

The best part about this game is that you can add your friends and play with them just like any other multiplayer game. You can also record and stream your gameplay if you’re into streaming. The most frequently asked question about Golf with your Friends is if we can play this game online if our friends are on a different platform, such as Xbox or PlayStation.

Is Golf with Friends Cross-Platform?

Golf with your Friends is not cross-platform, as you can’t play with your friends if they’re on a different platform. For example, a PC player cannot play online with an Xbox player.

The game was first released in 2006, and since then, we’ve been playing and enjoying playing golf with our friends. The fans will complain that the developers should’ve allowed cross-platform gaming since the game is about playing “With Your Friends.”

Cross-Platform Gaming Brings More Players and Engagement

As we know that not everyone owns a PC, those who have an Xbox or PlayStation should be able to play their favorite game online with PC players. Some First-Person shooting games aren’t cross-platform because PC players have better controls, so they’re at an advantage.

When it comes to Golf with Your Friends, there isn’t any advantage of playing it on PC than on a console. 

Fun Fact: Golf with your Friends has a Pegi7 rating

What is Golf with Your Friends?

Golf with Your Friends is an online golf game where you play online with your friends and enjoy real-world mechanics. Basically, the game simulates real-world golf. 

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The game was published by Team17, while the development team hails from Australia called Blacklight Interactive. In the game, you can enjoy a seamless golf experience with a touch of mini-games to keep you hooked.

The game allows 12 players to participate in a single team. The team then goes on to play 13 levels. The team has to fill in 18 holes at every level. In total, they have to score in 234 holes to win. Other than that, there are tons of customization options which you can choose from.

Golf with your Friends is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Google Stadia (Cloud Gaming), Steam (PC), and Xbox.

Is Golf with your Friends Easy to Play?

Yes, the game is easy to play for everyone. There aren’t any complex mechanisms that you need to master. However, everyone is expected to perform better than the opponent to win matches. 

Is Golf with your Friends Easy to Play?
Image Source: Xbox

Will Golf with Your Friends be Cross-Platform in the Future?

We can’t say because, after many requests made by the fans, the developers still haven’t responded. This implies that the cross-platform feature might not come in the near future.

However, every game – once in a while – takes a turn and eventually listens to what the fans are saying. As soon as the developers realize how much potential it has for growth once cross-platform connectivity is enabled, they won’t hesitate to update the game.

What is Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform gaming means that you can play the same game with your friends on different platforms. For example, you play the game on a PC, but your friends who are playing the game on an Xbox can join and play the game with you. You and your Xbox friend are in the same game and in the same server enjoying the game.

Is Golf with your Friends Free to Play?

Unfortunately, no. The game is not free-to-play; you need to buy the game on Steam or Xbox, depending on the platform you’re going to play it on. You can buy it from $10 to $20, depending on if you’re buying it on a sale or paying the full price.

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