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King Von’s Statement Report Reveals Cause of Death


King Von, a popular rapper, tragically passed away after being shot. This death came as a shock to both fans and family alike as he was well known for his hit songs that had earned him recognition among audiences everywhere. King Von was truly gifted artist who left behind an important legacy.

Following his death, images showing photos from his autopsy have surfaced online and caused outrage among his fans.

Location of Gunshot Wounds

King Von was killed during a gun battle that broke out outside an Atlanta nightclub, receiving bullet wounds to both his head and chest, with other parts of his body also suffering injuries. An autopsy report indicates that the fatal bullet entered through his skull at back, killing him instantly.

Pathologist Edmund Donoghue examined the autopsy results and reached an astounding conclusion – that the fatal shot appeared to have been fired with execution-style precision by someone familiar with King Von. This shocking news sent shockwaves through hip hop culture, prompting many fans to speculate who may have killed King Von.

After his shooting death, King Von was also found to have traces of marijuana, codeine and promethazine in his system at the time of autopsy photos being leaked of his autopsy images, sparking outrage among many fans while his sister has requested that the mortician be dismissed from their services.

Injuries to Other Parts of the Body

King Von’s untimely death sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community and although his autopsy report revealed its cause, some questions still remained. A pathologist named Edmund Donoghue examined King Von’s body and discovered he was shot execution style with an accurate bullet hole located precisely in his right eye socket; suggesting it could have been done by someone familiar or trusted him.

King Von was performing with Lil Durk at Atlanta’s Monaco Hookah Bar when his murder sent shockwaves through hip hop music, leaving many fans heartbroken by losing a promising new talent. Many family members, particularly Kayla B, remain angry and distressed over this turn of events; she claims that his death may have resulted in protection being provided to the mortician responsible for leaking autopsy photos by colleagues at Only the Family record label.

Blood Alcohol Level

King Von, real name Dayvon Daquan Bennett of Atlanta-based rapper fame, died as the result of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and head; these shots came three times in succession from execution-style shots that left three bullet holes each time in each limb of his body. Additionally, there were traces of alcohol and drugs present including pot, codeine, and promethazine commonly used as ingredients in lean, an extremely popular drink among rappers.

On November 10th, Fulton County Medical Examiner released the autopsy results for King Von. Dr. Edmund Donoghue’s pathologist provided surprising findings to media, such as no defensive wounds for King Von and that he had been shot execution-style.

Photos of King Von’s body on an autopsy table have gone viral, prompting outrage among his fans and prompting her sister to criticise the mortician who leaked them. This incident serves as a stark reminder that drug abuse can have serious repercussions, even within the music industry.

Final Words

King Von was an emerging star in hip hop culture who had recently signed to Lil Durk’s record label. His death has sent shockwaves through the community of rappers.

King Von was shot during an altercation with Quando Rondo at an Atlanta nightclub, leading to an intense gun battle that resulted in multiple shots being fired at him before he was taken to hospital but ultimately succumbed shortly after arriving there.

On November 10, a King von autopsy report released showed that King Von died due to multiple gunshot wounds and was classified as having committed homicide. Furthermore, his liver had suffered significant lacerations which may have hit vital organs and caused significant discomfort for him.

Donald Donoghue, a forensic pathologist, concluded that King Von was likely killed by someone close to him since there were no indications of struggle or defensive wounds on his body. Additionally, shots were clean and accurate suggesting he may have been shot while sleeping or unaware.

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