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4 Tips for Longer-Lasting Brakes

brake repair

Anyone who has ever worked on a vehicle has seen the consequences of not replacing brake hardware and pads when needed. Sometimes, pads get worn so severely that their metal plates slip off the calipers, overextending them and locking the wheels. In other cases, pistons shatter inside the calipers, or the hardware grinds against the rotor. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent these problems and make brake parts last longer.

When brakes work and are maintained, hardware and pads may last up to 40,000 miles before needing an inspection. Hybrids tend to be easier on brakes as they use regenerative components to slow or stop and rear brake pads may wear out sooner than those up front. Along with scheduling brake repair White Bear when there’s a problem, drivers can use these tips to save money and stop safely.

Take Things a Little Slower

Although it’s fun to drive fast, your brakes—and your wallet—will pay the price. High-speed stops are brakes’ biggest enemy, wearing them out sooner than any other factor. The friction and heat of repeated stops will reduce the braking system’s lifespan. Any auto repair specialist will tell you, if you’re looking for ways to make your car’s brakes last longer, to slow down.

Schedule Brake Repairs at the First Sign of Trouble

Odd noises and vibrations may indicate serious brake problems. Waiting for problems to resolve themselves isn’t just unsafe; it’s also a poor financial decision. Those who wait to schedule brake repairs will likely spend more than if they’d sought help earlier. Reusing old brake parts is another unwise choice. New brake hardware is relatively inexpensive and it extends the life of a vehicle’s brakes.

Ride the Roller Coaster

Everyone has seen roller coasters and knows they use built-up energy or inertia to roll through twists, turns, and loops. Similar principles apply to the cars and trucks we drive. By coasting instead of braking, you will protect the vehicle’s brakes and extend their useful life.

Remember: You Get What You Pay For

Buying cheap parts and recycling old brake hardware may bring initial savings, but it’s costly in other ways. Reusing worn-out parts will cause new pads to degrade sooner, and it does nothing to solve the problem of squeaky brakes. Quality brake parts, especially clips, are specially designed to reduce noise and drag. When drivers work with reputable repair shops, they’ll learn which hardware and pads are best for their vehicles and why these parts must be replaced.

Call the Experts for Brake Repair Services You Can Count On

No one gets excited when they need brake repairs, but these services are essential. While the tips on this list will extend the life of a vehicle’s brakes and keep its driver safe, everyone will eventually need brake repairs. With help from a licensed, certified repair shop, it’s easy to save money and keep your brakes in great shape. Learn more about our services online or contact us to schedule a service visit.

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