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Mystic Messenger Email Guide – All the Correct Answers to Guests

Mystic Messenger Email Guide - All the Correct Answers to Guests
Mystic Messenger Email Guide


Mystic Messenger email guide contains all the information you need to answer every question you receive. RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association) receives invitations from every potential guest of its party. In Mystic Messenger, players get to play a visual novel dating simulation game on their mobile phones. A party is a party designed to win a character’s heart, and you must throw it to win it. You must attend the party with at least 10 people for a positive ending in the game.

Each guest will ask you three questions via email, and you must answer at least two of them correctly. We will include all three correct responses in our email guide. For Casual Stories as well as Deep Stories. You need to convince guests to attend RFA’s party by suggesting or agreeing to invite them. The game requires you to do this during Mystic Messenger chat room sessions (most of the time) or during actual scenes of the visual novel (rarely).

The correct answer to this question will be the same for all guests in Casual as well as Deep Story. In the end, this email guide summarizes all characters of Another Story. You are able to host parties and invite guests using the Mystic Messenger email guide, which is one of the many fun features of this app. It is your responsibility to handle the guests at that party and to invite them using the app’s virtual messenger (you’ll also have that option).

As you play another story mode, you can invite your friends into the Party with Mystic Messenger Email Guide. Throwing a party and wandering around the end would require a minimum of 15 people. Your playing will be more interesting and easier with the Guest answers. You should check and share all the correct Mystic Messenger emails with your friends and other Mystic Messenger users. Thanks for checking out our Email guide and correct answer.

You’ll get the exact answers you need to make the ball roll in your direction with this Mystic Messenger Email Guide. With the help of this Mystic Messenger Email Guide, you can not only join the party, but also throw one for RFA. You are looking for the right type of guide for mystic messenger. You’ll see the magic happen once you apply it!

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Email Guide – Casual and Deep Stories


  • Allergies to cats
  • Seaweed and beef soup
  • Attending a party without guests might make me sick.


  • Monetarily
  • A visit to the Louvre
  • Cantabile


  • Your next video will be much appreciated!
  • Make sure they are reported.


  • The rate of interest is 100%
  • Banking institution based in Switzerland.
  • The money was all paid in cash.


  • Coffee from Arabica!
  • Brewing drips.
  • Italian


  • You need not worry!
  • It’s a silver bracelet that locks you up.
  • The mall has claw machines.


  • Buffet of cats.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if people put on a show?
  • Limousine for cats!


  • Heads up!
  • I see something strange!
  • It is littered with crystals.


  • You bet!
  • Wait while you feed them.
  • Sites like Twitter and Facebook.


  • Chef, 3 cups
  • If you mix like you are cutting, you will achieve the best results.
  • Twenty minutes


  • Green.
  • Use a straw to get it out!
  • Diamond


  • The video is on YouTube!
  • You, the owner, have the face of a generous-looking grandmother!
  • The world revolves around cheese!


  • Noon.
  • There are two colors in this.
  • Candlelight.


  • Imagine Mythical Creatures, a rock band
  • The title of the limited edition has been changed
  • Put the winner’s banner on the wall.


  • Borborry~
  • The brand is Verragamo
  • Flowers on a pretty boys’ bed


  • Bird’s-eye view
  • The whitest of whites
  • Silk underwear and scarf


  • The seven vanished treasure islands are familiar to me.
  • LOLOL exploration by Yoosung
  • Jaehee


  • The seal has been broken!!
  • Black
  • Rises the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!


  • There is someone named Jaehee…
  • Soda prizes for games.
  • Your intelligence makes it difficult for you.


  • Here’s what I wanted to do.
  • I would like to go to the movies, but I don’t have anyone to go with. Can you tell me how to proceed?
  • Our party would be great if you could attend.


  • Floppy disks with rainbow colors.
  • Disks for Windows 8.1 3711.
  • Hiding a limited edition cassette tape is the best way to get it.


  • We’re in the black!
  • Passbook for banks
  • Separated the work.


  • The kitty of Jumpin
  • Photobook of Jalapeno
  • Underwear worn by Zen


  • Awesome! What a blessing to be able to converse with God!
  • Your daughter, I am.
  • Your behavior during the party will be normal.


  • Shape of the driver.
  • A shoe that dries quickly.
  • A leather that doesn’t wear out easily.


  • Lucky Kim whispers (whispers)
  • 80 is an old age for him.
  • The Grandma we have is not the Grandma we have! My grandmother!


  • Warm hearts all around!
  • I ate backed salmon, fried eggs, rice, soup and green salad
  • Sell small issues of magazines


  • Oath of Hippocrates.
  • Examine the results.
  • Various hospitals are compared


  • Piety among the faithful
  • The Confucian
  • Stay healthy.


  • Scheam, how about you?
  • Nameless
  • Have you considered attending a game convention?


  • Ergonomics.
  • ctrl + c
  • Movie

@ Kim

  • Your son and you should compete.
  • Drifting.
  • Pong, your car from when you were young!


  • Don’t hesitate to call the police!
  • Let’s say hello!
  • I think you’ll show them who’s boss.


  • Dia.
  • Oh yeah, that’s a given.
  • Let’s play LOLOL together.


  • Headset
  • Focus on balance
  • Blood Dragon


  • Meowmeow, [note comma]
  • Miumiumi!
  • Nyannyan!


  • The wedding of a bae
  • Invitations to TripTrip
  • Take screenshots!


  • Could Diamond Pharmaceuticals be a possibility?
  • The company is Diamond Pharmaceuticals.
  • DIAMONDS PHARMACIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The bandage is pink.
  • Lace-covered coffin
  • Sculpture of Pharaoh in marble in life size


  • Yes, of course.
  • You may find a hidden gem!
  • Thy eyes reflected your face.


  • There is only one pen that can compete with BIK.
  • Use a lighter to sear the end.”
  • There’s nothing better than classic


  • The cross-stitch is framed and personalized.
  • She needs handcuffs.
  • Jasmine is the perfect gift to give her.


  • An environmental documentary
  • Realism.
  • Cannes, Venice, Berlin


  • Zen.
  • There was a lot of heat in this production of Red Pepper
  • Ask a college student for help.


  • A room filled with mirrors serves as a treatment.
  • In addition to taking selfies, he often records videos.
  • There is a lake named Na


  • Party time! Parking space in abundance!
  • Sure!
  • Bald


  • The freezer it is!
  • The window is wrapped in bubblewrap.
  • Rice fried in oil.


  • Goldvine
  • Seafood sauce for salmon
  • Fish – form


  • Netizens
  • Reporters must be protected by law.
  • That is something I cannot tell you.


  • You bet!
  • A star only you can be
  • Kiss!


  • The party is extravagant and elegant.
  • I recommend taking the Olymbus X20.
  • Consider taking the Ganon camera, which is heavy and professional.


  • First of all. Get out of the living room and into your room. Leave your phone in there.
  • Battery should only be half charged.
  • Popcorn brain.


  • Words are man’s bond.
  • You’ll be able to give your girlfriend a great gift!
  • Giving up now will be useless


  • We all have small feet!
  • Chinese
  • Nimtendo


  • Get in touch with the zoo!
  • Peach drink stock prices have gone up.
  • Graduations mean everything! There are two Fs!


  • That’s a lot of time!
  • Director of C&R
  • Moonlight under the old man.


  • Red wine.
  • Ice wine
  • Jumin

A Good Party Ends With Mystic Messenger Email Guide

We provide some suggestions for a Good Party Ending with Mystic Messenger emails guide that will be helpful to you. Staying active can be achieved by following these steps.

  • It’s okay if your guests don’t attend. Stay calm.
  • Answer the questions correctly and continue to invite guests.
  • Other Story Stages and related items can be discovered through chat sessions.
  • Hearts and other items can be used to spice up chat sessions.
  • Remember that one hour of HG or glass equals one hundred heats.
  • Prepare yourself for party day by reading our Questions and Answers list
  • Always aim for the green Arrows and answer every question correctly.
  • A good party ending can be achieved by following these steps.

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Magic Messenger Email Characters Guide

The story modes of Mystic Messenger contain many characters from different perspectives. Select the one you like best and begin writing a deep story, throw parties, invite friends, and much more. As you know, I’ll discuss each character so that you’re not confused and that you get to know them better. Let’s stay together!

707 – Saeyoung Choi

The name Seven in App is Saeyoung Choi, or 707. Having this character as part of your game group is a go-happy lucky experience you can enjoy. Often poking fun at other characters, he is funny. This will definitely be your favorite!

V – Jihyun Kim

Jihyun Kim, aka “V”, is very famous. Among all the characters in the game, he is the most popular and mysterious. The character is also more interesting if you play Deep Story because you can select it. The story mode will reveal a lot about this character’s fiancée.

Zen – Hyun Ryu

The Casual mode of the story makes Zen an ideal choice for those who appreciate flirty characters. He loves taking selfies all the time because he is a very good character. The full name of this celebrity character is Hyun Ryu. Zen is a popular character in the game, so you might like it.

Jaehee Kang

In Story’s Casual Mode, the only lady character is Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang. C. & R International is also owned by Jaehee, a character of many interests with a rich history. With this Jaehee character, a lot of people like to play casually.


The deep story’s most beautiful character is the fair lady. Rika’s Fundraising Association is one of her organizations, and she holds a high rank in the Mint Eye Organization. In my last article, I described her as Jihyun Kim’s Fiancé. If you want to know how to play the story, there are a lot of secrets about V and Rika.


In Casual Story mod, you will be introduced to this character. Among the game’s characters, Yoosung is the most sensitive and lighthearted. You will definitely like him since he loves playing games too.

Jumin Han

He owns a large company and is very busy. Women are avoided by him because he dislikes them and has a bad opinion of them. The story made about Elizabeth 3 also features his cat. In the story, people like him despite him being dull.

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