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Native Ads | What Is It & Why Use It?

Native Ads | What Is It & Why Use It?

Native ads help increase your ROI. But, what is it, and how does it work? How is it better than social, display, and banner ads? Let’s talk about it.

About Native advertising

Native ads result from using paid ads so that the content matches the visuals, emotional impact, and purpose of the particular media formats they where they integrate.

You can often find native ads on social media feeds or in the form of content recommendations on websites.

In contrast to display and banner ads, which are obviously “ads,” native ads do not look like paid promotions. Instead, these ads seem more like a seamless part of certain content.

For example, if a how-to on native ads article contains a line that says “you can use Grammarly to improve your native ad content,” it would be possible that Grammarly paid for that line.

But does the tip help? Yes, it would.

Does it disrupt the flow of the article? Most probably, not.

With native ads, you show the audience advertising content without removing their attention from the main content they are in there for.

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The Three Main Types of Native Ads

Native Ad No.1: In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads seamlessly appear along with the postings that you see on your Facebook, Instagram followers, Twitter, or Reddit feed. They look like regular posts but are “actually” ads.

They do not disrupt your scrolling – they are part of it. And, what will appear on your screen are ads that are close to your interests as per the social media algorithms.

Content recommendation ads are those that appear after content. For example, at the bottom of an article as a recommended next blog to read, or after a Netflix show suggesting what you could watch next.

They are the ads you get when your YouTube video is done. They tell you what to consume next based on what you have recently watched.

The way the algorithm knows your interests helps these ads become less irrelevant to you. You will see the suggestions as perfect picks, and you most probably click on them.

Native Ad No.3: Branded Content

The giants that do branded content are Marvel, DC, Hasbro, Lego, and many other toy and merchandise brands that make movies. The brand is embedded into the content.

The Lego Movie is a legit movie, but because everything featured within it is made of the branded toy, the entire film is considered an advertisement.

An example of a branded content article is when Tabasco posts a blog recipe that uses the branded hot sauce as the main ingredient. You get the recipe you want but are naturally being exposed to the hot sauce.

Why Should I Do Native Ads?

It would be best if you used native ads because they are simply better than traditional display and banner advertisements. Unfortunately, people usually skip non-native ads or ignore them.

Native ads are embedded in the content, and content is what people want. Therefore, they are more effective in getting the interest of consumers over traditional banner and display ads and even social ads.

These ads are 62% easier to understand than the traditional display ones and are 27% more trusted than social advertisements. 

Native ads increase purchase intent by 18% and present 3x more retention rates over banner and display.

Native ads will increase your ROI when done the proper way.

Constantly know your audience and how they accept your content.

The most important tool you need to ensure you are pushing the correct content, engaging on the right platform, and reaching the right people, is tracking.

You need to know the movement of your audience, their feedback on your content, and how you can improve everything constantly.

You have to do data mapping or algorithms, organization, analysis, and more if you are to maximize your ROI. It can be challenging without the proper tools. makes things easy here. is the best native ads management and analysis tool you can use.

It will help you track and measure your metrics and give you the information you can use to improve your campaigns. This allows you to manage multiple networks easily so that you can focus on improving your business and enjoying your ROI.

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