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OSRS – Everything You Need to Know About Vesta’s Longsword

There are many different unique weapons available to you when playing Old School Runescape. Some of course are leagues above others, whilst some are sought after due to their rarity. So much so, that players will even buy OSRS gold to help afford those coveted items. In this instance, we’ll be taking a look at Vesta’s Longsword, how to find it, and what it is capable of.

What is the Vesta’s Longsword, and How Do I Get it?

In OSRS, Vesta’s Longsword is a powerful slash weapon that players can use to slay their enemies. You’ll need to be at level 78 attack if you’re going to wield the weapon however. There is only one method in which you can obtain this sword. You’ll have to take part in the game’s Deadman Mode, which is a variant of OSRS that was introduced nearly six years ago. It is a separated server that has open PvP for players to participate in.

During the Deadman seasonals the weapon drops in a number of ways. In fact, they will drop from pretty much any monster that you come across in the Wilderness. This is a part of the global loot table, and there’s a chance that it will be at the monster’s combat level. This makes up part of Vesta’s equipment, which is a set that is made up of Ancient Warriors’ equipment in the game.

Just touching back on the seasonals, these occur once every few months, with the top 2,000 players being invited to participate. This Deadman Invitational is something that makes the Vesta’s Longsword even more special. The invitational takes place on another new server where players start over and have under a week to get their accounts prepared for the final hour. At this point, a mist covers the location and the safe zone is introduced. Players will now start to battle it out within the confines of this location. This offers a handsome reward of $20,000 for the victor.

This was recently updated, and is now known as Deadman: Reborn.There was a new change made in the form of Sigils. These would work like the Trailblazer League used relics. Meanwhile, you had experience rates modifiers and separated worlds depending on combat levels being brought in.

For those wanting to learn more about Deadman mode, they can do so by talking to Nigel. You can find him in the graveyard in Lumbridge. The experience that you get from Deadman mode will be higher than normal. It is actually five times more, though this is not the case for the experience that you gain from quests. As for the instanced areas, including the likes of the TzHaar Fight Caves and the Nightmare Zone, you will not gain experience here. This is something that is only available to members. You will start out at combat level 3, and there will not be any consequence to your OSRS progression, or RS3 for that matter.

It has a value of 300,000 OSRS GP. If you do happen to find one up for grabs, then you may even consider finding OSRS gold for sale.

Combat Style

There are four styles of combat with the sword. It has three slash attack types, including chop, slash and block. The chop is based on accuracy, whilst your slash will represent aggression and offensive attacks. The block, as to be expected, is more defence based. There is also the lunge attack, which presents a more controlled stabbing motion.

The Vesta’s Longsword also has a special attack in its arsenal. This is known as Feint, and it can be very handy in battle. It will consume 25% of your special attack energy, before hitting anywhere between 20-120% of your maximum hit. In terms of the accuracy for this attack, it will be rolled against 25% of the defence of whoever you’re up against.

There are a number of OSRS items for sale available for you to get your hands on. However, as you can see from this article, getting your own Vesta’s Longsword might be a tall task. If you do happen to find one available, then be sure to buy your own. If you have one already, then you can make a decent profit on one if you chose to sell it.

One of the more interesting aspects of this sword is based on how it is obtained. That seems to take centre stage when you’re discussing Vesta’s Longsword. Even so, it is a good weapon to be able to wield, if you’re able to go through the process of getting one of your own.

Do you have this OSRS longsword? Let us know in the comments section below!

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