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Practical features of digital journals


Planners and journals are utilized by people worldwide for different purposes. 

A digital planner/journal, helps you keep life organized.

Since we are talking about journals, let’s look into the digital scope of note-taking. Digital journals or digital planners are a big thing now. If you are a forgetful person, then digital journals and planners are the perfect solutions for you. If you have lots of stuff to get done and it is confusing you, you can use digital planners to stay organized.

Hence, concerning digital planners, you can find tons of them with identical features. For instance, there are some note-taking applications like Notability and GoodNotes. You can, of course, check them out. But considering you are an iPad user, I suggest the AJournal app. Unlike those note-taking apps, AJournal offers its users tons of dynamic elements to provide the user freedom of handwriting a digital journal.

Speaking of digital journals like AJournal, a few widely used features of such digital planners are:

  • Customization options like templates 

When we used diaries in our early days, we often liked to decorate them. That is to say, the personalization of digital journals is still preferred by many. Similarly, AJournal also provides its users the option of comprehensive customization, such as with in-built app templates. You get over 100 varieties of minimalist templates designs. Other customization features include project planners, meal & fitness trackers, finance planners, monthly-weekly-daily planners, etc. You can also create a template by yourself.

  •  Seamless organization

A regularly maintained journal usually enables the individual to stay organized. Your daily activities won’t be messy anymore as you have everything sorted out accordingly to your needs. The seamless organization attribute of digital planners and journals allows you to navigate the journal effortlessly. AJournal comes with a date picker and searches function which makes navigation much simpler in the journal.

  • Digital calendars

Digital planners always come with digital calendars. When you connect your digital journal with the calendar, important events, projects, and plans will show as per date, day, week, and month. You can even create and edit calendar entries in the calendar and use Apple pencil to annotate beside them.

  • Freedom of handwriting

Isn’t it fascinating and fun to recreate your handwriting and other extra elements when maintaining a journal! Keeping that in mind, AJournal also offers its users the leniency to write a digital journal using their best handwriting and fun pieces. You can write and design using your finger or an Apple pencil. You can even add adorable stickers & images and even format other elements like text type, color, etc.

That being said, journals store precious information. That’s why digital journals often come with a backup option as well. If you happen to change your iPad, you can create a backup of your digital journal and get it back as it was when you installed the app on the other device.

I hope this article is insightful and safe digital planning.

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