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Prognosis: Your Diagnosis: Importance, Features and Impressions

Medical Joyworks’ Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app is billed as a clinical case simulation game for physicians, medical students, nurses, and paramedics and is available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Prognosis surged to the top 10 most downloaded list of free medical apps in the app store just ten days after its debut on November 15. Medical Joyworks was founded in 2010 and is based in Sri Lanka. Its mission is to “make medicine entertaining.

“Medical Joyworks’ first and, so far, sole entry into the app industry is Prognosis. The programme starts with a Main Menu from which you can access the cases. Individual cases (those marked with an arrow) must be downloaded separately in order to be seen.

Each case downloads rapidly (5 seconds) regardless of your 3G or WiFi connection– it took about 1-2 minutes to download all 16 cases when You initially started the app. The cases can be used without a 3G or WiFi connection once they have been downloaded.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis Importance:

Traditional medical school is often thought to be tedious and time-consuming, yet as any doctor knows, practising medicine is both fascinating and demanding. The solution has to do with making a diagnosis, which necessitates a great deal of analytical talent while also being engaging and even enjoyable. The Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app takes this concept and transforms it into a simple but powerful game in which doctors simulate a real-life diagnostic process. Over 100 instances are included in the programme, each of which represents a frequent clinical issue. The medical history and examination findings are displayed to users first. The challenge then begins: the user chooses which tests to execute on the patient from a list provided, keeping in mind that some procedures may cause harm if performed needlessly. The same considerations apply to treatment options. The game assesses the user’s performance and delivers comments, as well as a discussion authored by top consultants, doctors, and surgeons. A group of medical experts vetted the content, which was based on real cases. Medical students, junior doctors, and even senior doctors with decades of experience have complimented the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app all across the world.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis is a fun, interactive cartoon-style narrative game that allows doctors, nurses, and medical students to research, deduce, and diagnose complex clinical cases in minutes. Each case aids in the recollection or learning of two or three crucial clinical aspects that can be used in your practise. The cases are also a great way to prepare for the USMLE Step 2 CS, COMLEX, NCLEX, CCRN, and MCAT exams, as well as other board exams and professional licence exams. The content is based on current management guidelines and is based on real-life patients. It has been reviewed by a panel of qualified medical specialists. Each week, a new case is added.

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Prognosis Your Diagnosis Features:

Every topic is covered in this app.

  1. Living With Colon Cancer: Kidney Cancer Prognosis
  2. Breast Cancer Prognosis and Localization
  3. Flash Games with Medical Simulations
  4. Prognosis for Metastatic Bone Cancer
  5. Stage 3 Breast Cancer Prognosis
  6. Stage IV Bladder Cancer Prognosis
  7. Malignant Melanoma Prognosis
  8. Oncologist’s Answers to Your Questions
  9. Prognosis for Lymphoma in Stage Three

Overall Impressions from Around the Web about Prognosis: Your Diagnosis:

Despite its almost too-lighthearted tone, this programme, produced by Sri Lankan developers, appears to have been well-received and embraced by the medical community. Medical students, in particular, appear to have embraced the app as a beneficial learning aid, despite the fact that specifics of cases must be condensed due to the app format. The developers are also quite dedicated and eager, as well as open and receptive to comments, so if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to improve your diagnostic skills, this programme is definitely worth checking out.

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