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RS3: A Comprehensive Guide to Reach 120-Slayer

Guide to Reach 120-Slayer
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Slayer is a RuneScape talent that may be used to do harm to enemies who are otherwise resistant to it. Many high-level monsters, such as Dark Beasts as well as Abyssal Demons, have extremely nice drops, making this a valuable talent for generating money. Slayer masters will send you out on missions to kill various creatures. This tutorial will teach you the most efficient way to kill monsters so that you may quickly reach level 99.

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Slayer Masters

It’s possible for slayer masters to have criteria, and those requirements might include things like missions, fights, or slayer levels. At all times, you should make use of the Slayer master with the highest level. More powerful Slayer masters will provide a greater number of points when a job is successfully completed, and they will additionally allocate monsters that provide a greater amount of experience. It is necessary to be in the Wilderness in order to accomplish Mandrith’s assignments since he is a Wilderness Slayer master. You should remain on Laniakea if you are not willing to take the risk of being killed by a player killer.

Slayer Creatures

You will be able to kill the majority of the creatures in the game very early on, but in order to kill some Slayer creatures, you will need to complete quests or mini-quests. It is to your advantage to finish these tasks so that you may have alternatives open to you when you need them.

What Are Slayer Points?

Points earned via killing monsters serve as the primary currency for this talent. You may spend these points to unlock new monsters, gear, crafting recipes, and a wide variety of other features that improve the game’s overall quality of life. Additionally, you may use them to prevent, skip, or prioritize certain actions. After completing four tasks in a row in a row, you will begin to earn slayer points for each completed assignment. The number of points you’re awarded is determined by the Slayer master you have.

It is very suggested that you finish the quest “Smoking Kills” since if you do not, you will only receive half as many Slayer points as you would otherwise. The tasks that you acquire from Turael or Spria do not reward any points, and if you use them to modify your mission, it will reset the Slayer appointment streak. This means that in order to earn points, you will need to complete four more assignments. You will be rewarded with a wilderness slayer chest if you have successfully completed a mission that was given to you by Mandrith.

General Slayer Tips

The following are some basic guidelines to follow when it comes to your Slayer gear:

  • In the vast majority of situations, power armors are superior to tank armors.
  • When at all feasible, equip yourself with enhanced weapons and gear.
  • Cinderbane gloves are the greatest possible gloves to use against poisonous beasts.
  • When used in conjunction with a Bonecrusher, a demon horn necklace or one of its lesser variations is the greatest piece of jewelry for slaying enemies that drop bones.
  • Even if you haven’t got a soul split, the Blood Amulet of Fury may be used to repair damage caused by enemies.
  • Because they have additional powers that affect several targets at once, two-handed weapons are superior across the board.
  • As a general rule, luck rings are the greatest items to use in the Slayer slot due to the fact that they give advantages for all types of fighting and enable the player to reach the rare drop table.
  • Healing may be accomplished with the Vampyrism aura, and restoring prayer points can be done with the Penance aura.
  • The spring cleanser is a useful item that, when equipped, will automatically alch things that are dropped by monsters.
  • The ancient elven ritual shard is an excellent item that may be used to replenish your prayer points in a non-active manner at no additional cost.
  • For some endeavors, the Dwarf Multicannon, as well as its many versions, is an invaluable tool.
  • The gem bag, the seed bag, and the herb bag are all wonderful goods that may help you conserve inventory places and gain more money.
  • Holy wrench represents an item that, while worn, passively boosts the number of prayer points gained from the use of potions.

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