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Runescape Thieving Guide – Best Equipment to Use

If you’re going to go out thieving, then you’ll want to make sure you’re well equipped.

If you’re looking for more outside the box methods of earning Runescape gold and bagging items, then you may have considered the thieving skill. This is a support skill in which you will be pickpocketing, lockpicking and stealing your way through the game to get desired items. You’ll also be able to use this to get into areas that you may not have been able to before. Today we will be looking at what Runescape items you’ll need if you’re going to be a successful thief.

Gloves of Silence

These are essential for any thief. The Gloves of Silence will add a 5% increase to the success of pickpocketing. If you are going to equip these gloves, then you will need a Hunter skill level of at least 54. To get these Gloves of Silence, you’ll need to go to the Grand Exchange and purchase then for 3,401 RS3 gold each. Alternatively, you can have them created from two dark kebbit furs and 600 coins if you go to Varrock’s Fancy Clothes Store.

If you don’t succeed in a pickpocketing attempt with the Gloves of Silence, then they will be damaged. After they have failed a total of 62 times, the gloves will be destroyed. Should you have a Crafting at level of 64, then you will be able to restore the gloves using a dark kebbit fur and thread.

Featherfingered Necklace

This Featherfingered Necklace item gives you a chance of not taking damage or stunned whilst you are pickpocketing. It has a total of 10 charges for you to use, and can be bought at the Grand Exchange for a fee of 1,597 Runescape gold. Or, you could enchant an opal necklace if you wish to obtain one that way.

Argougne Cloak

The Ardougne Cloak is available to you in different tiers, ranging from easy, to medium, hard and elite. These are based on completing Ardougne achievements, and once you have gotten either cloak 3 or 4, you will then, had an added chance of pickpocketing NPCs successfully.

Black Ibis Outfit

Those who manage to get all the components of the Black Ibis Outfit will be getting more base experience whilst out thieving. You’ll need the mask, body, legs and boots together if you’re going to make the full outfit.

If you want a better chance of obtaining these pieces, then firstly we will need to be able to access and open the engraved sarcophagus. This is found in the last room of the minigame, Pyramid Plunder. To be able to access it you’ll need to be at level 91 Thieving, as well as 75 Runecrafting so that you can open it. Once it’s open, you can get a rare reward known as the sceptre of the gods. This will then give you an increased chance of finding the Black Ibis Outfit items in the Pyramid Plunder minigame.

Trahaearn Exoskeleton Set

This set is acquired from the Plague’s End quest as a reward. The whole set consists of an exoskeleton headband, exoskeleton torso, exoskeleton legs, and exoskeleton bracers as well. Having the whole set will offer you a few key bonuses. There’s a 25% chance of avoiding being damaged and stunned if you are unsuccessful at pickpocketing. You will also have a 25% chance of avoiding snakes biting you if you fail at looting an urn in the Pyramid Plunder minigame.

If you do have the Black Ibis outfit as well, then you’ll also get an increased base experience whilst you have the exoskeleton set on. You can also gain a 5% chance of pickpocketing success if you’ve reached level 75 in both Thieving and Hunter skills. For this percentage increase, you will need to have the exoskeleton bracers equipped.

As you can see, the Thieving skill does have many benefits. What’s more, there are even more Runescape items out there that will help to increase your Thieving abilities. You can also find certain areas and methods that will increase your levels. You will need to part with some Runescape gold at some point though.

Even though it’s rather minimal when compared to other Runescape items in the game, it is still worth acquiring the items that are listed above. Whilst the Thieving skill does have its benefits, you do need to ensure that you are increasing the skill and heightening your chances of being successful with it. For a rather small amount of RS3 gold, you can be all set to make your mark as a thief in Runescape.

Are you leveling Thieving in Runescape? Let us know in the comments section below!

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