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Scrum Master – Is it a Full-Time Position or a Role?

Scrum Master
Scrum Master

A 2016 report according to VersionOne’s State of Agile declares how after only the introduction of agile and scrum methodologies, over 95% of software companies have adopted it. However, the reality scrum leaders are faced with is not as ideal. Often establishments know that they have hired full-time scrum masters but not why or how they are effective in their ‘position.’

Not a Full-Time Permanent Job but Something Greater

A scrum master is an agent of change, and the need for one permanently in an organization can be necessary as impediments in an organization may not stop suddenly. However, you shouldn’t consider it as a static full-time job. Why?

The task of a CSM® is to make sure an enterprise becomes Agile Ready, which the employees are made well-oriented with the workings of the scrum. It is their responsibility to coach employees, facilitate the workings of scrum in an enterprise and remove impediments. However, this certainly is a time-consuming job, and this ‘change’ won’t occur in few days. But once these tasks have been attained, the work of a scrum master lessens with the scrum maturity of the team, letting them focus on larger organization goals.

A CSM® is not a stagnant and permanent job, it is however an evolving role. What scrum builds an individual for is to not stick to one job, but climb high up in the ladder. Become leaders from being just c-level executives. Focusing on these ‘larger organization goals’ enables you to attain higher managerial and leading positions.

And for organizations that do plan to hire full-time scrum masters, they must have a proper strategy as to evolving these personnel, to ensure their organization’s progression on scrum.

What Are Then the Career Prospects of a CSM®

The fact that it is not a full-time job only increases the career benefits and salary perspective of being a certified scrum master. It becomes a steppingstone to a high reward career path.

Once you have attended a robust learning experience through an exceptional CSM® course online, you will have a clearer idea of the professional world opportunities for you. A scrum master can work their responsibilities as an Agile Coach in higher executive positions, become a Mentor, a product owner, a manager, a transformational expert, an enterprise leader, and many other alternatives open before you.

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The higher you climb the profession ladder with scrum, the more involved you become in the decision-making process of an organization. And it certainly doesn’t need saying that you will be getting higher salaries.

Thus, scrum is more than static job security, it is about success and progression. However, not all organizations have the same approach for scrum implementation. You may be an attractive hire for another position and be expected to work as a scrum master part-time, coaching employees again beneficial to you individually. Similarly, organizations may also choose to train their pre-existing employees through robust CSM® courses and by learning themselves and more. 

However, that your career prospects of attaining a CSM® certification are not a matter of doubt.

If you are confused about the responsibilities and positioning of a scrum and whether you should consider attaining a CSM® certification, strong scrum-oriented platforms like Knowledge Hut can help you learn about the detailed connotations of becoming a CSM®.

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