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Some Tips for Effective Banner Printing Design Making


When you try to design and print a banner for your marketing goals, there are many things you need to keep in mind. Even if you are experienced in various forms of print design like leaflets, logos, stickers, or so, some of the aspects of banner printing are quite different from these. A good banner design results from extensive brainstorming of great ideas and the perfect combination of colours, graphics, and tests. If you take care of these well, you can surely enhance the design and ensure the optimum impact on your banner.

Unlike the other printed materials, banners should be made visible and readable from a distance. So, various visual elements in the design needed to be properly emphasized to ensure visibility and impact. This article will discuss a few important aspects of a banner design, which you need to consider for the best output.

Placement of banner

The most primary and essential thing one should consider is ensuring that you make the right decision regarding the banner placement. Even though it may seem to be working backwards to an extent, proper banner placement is likely to affect your choices in terms of colour, design, text, and other aspects of it. You should identify the banner’s most appropriate colour scheme as it should be highly contrasting in terms of placement.

Use large text

One very important consideration when planning for marketing banners is that it differs from any brochures or leaflets, etc. The objective is to attract the viewers’ attention from a distance. Due to this, you may have to ensure that any content on the banner is written in a big readable font. It is unlikely that the banner you fix may be readable to anyone more than a meter away. You may read about the banner printing text size as below.

  • Choose a readable and bold font

It is not just the size of the text which matters. You must think about the fonts which you use and the weight of the font. Various fonts can be tempting for you to choose, and these may also be overly in terms of banners. Always consider readability as a primary factor. Ideally, bold sans-serif is the most readable font for banners and but there is no hard and fast rule for the same.

  • Make the message simple and easily understandable

Another important thing to consider while designing a banner is keeping the message copy as simple and understandable as possible. The message should be put across the simplest terms in a few words. Banners should communicate the message in as little as possible time, and most of the target audience may not spend more than a few seconds looking at your banner.

Considering all these factors, you need to ensure that your banners are made uniquely to invite viewer attention and convey your message in the best possible manner.

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