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SteamEast: Watch Sports For Free (Best Features & Alternatives)

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Are you someone who struggles with finding the best site to watch your favorite matches for free? You came to the right place.

In this article, we will tell you about a website that lets you stream all the sports-related content for FREE. 

What is Steameast?

Steameast is one of the best sports streaming services out there. It is likely that you may have not heard about Steameast because of the immense competition and highly competitive alternatives that are there in the market. 

Steameast is best known for its high-quality and reliable sports streaming services. It offers HD content and crystal clear audio. Apart from that, Steameast facilitates the user with a highly responsive Web and smartphone user experience. 

Steameast offers all kinds of sports entertainment out there. These include competitive sports such as NFL, Cricket, Table Tennis, DAZN, NBC, Badminton, and much more than that. Although Steameast is a free service that you can use to watch sports online, there is also a premium, more feature-rich version that you can upgrade to.  

Is Steameast for you? Well, it depends on several factors. First, we’ll see what Steameast has to offer and then we will decide if it’s the best option for you.

First things first, Steameast offers the best sports streaming content for free. That’s a lot considering that there is a bunch of live streaming services that charge you a lot of money and offer you the same number of features. 

What Does Steameast Offer?

Steameast offers an immense variety of sports entertainment. From Football to Cricket, it’s got them all covered. 

What Does Steameast Offer

Image Source: Pexels

Other than that, the most awaited feature that we’d like to mention is the availability of underrated and lesser-known sports genres. 

Best Features of Steameast

Steameast sports streaming service is like no other, especially when we’re considering that it’s free. Steameast offers several useful features to its customers. We have made a comprehensive list of all the best and most exclusive features offered by Steameast.

1. Steameast is Free (kind of)

We are emphasizing and acknowledging that Steameast is a free sports streaming service. The reason why we are mentioning and talking about Steameast being free is that there isn’t any service out there that offers such quality sports streaming and that too, for free. 

Yes, there is a premium or “Pro” version of Steameast that we’ll talk about later in the article. Most people will be just fine with the free version because even the free version offers a lot of useful features. 

2. Fast and Optimized

It offers all kinds of sports entertainment that you can stream for free thanks to its highly scalable cloud hosting. 

What it means is that no matter how many users are surfing the website at a particular moment, Steameast will not crash, or better not even slow down due to the quality of its servers. 

This way, Steameast will make sure you have the best user experience and you watch your sports and enjoy your nailbiting moments without any unnecessary interruptions.

3. Easy and Responsive UI

The other good thing that we must appreciate is its responsive UI and the fact that it is highly available and usable to anyone. 

The site’s UI is simple and very easy to use. When navigating through the features and buttons, you will feel in control of everything that’s there on the screen. There will be no accidental touches and clicks. The Steameast website has an off-white background that is easy on the eyes considering there will be no plain white background with a shift to light blue. This shift to light blue causes eye strain that is harmful to your eyesight. 

On top of the page, you will see a menu bar that contains all the pages of the website that are just one click away. 

On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of different sports that you can stream. In the middle, you will notice several different sports that are streaming live and you can stream all of them with just a click. This simple and elegant UI will make sure that everything is approachable and there are no complications throughout your website surfing and navigating experience. 

Just don’t take our word for it, once you surf their website you’ll know how easy it is to use and navigate through the website. 

4. Live Chat

Every website that we visit that offers live streaming of a sport such as such football match or a boxing fight, comes with a live chat where you can communicate with all those who are streaming the same sport. 

Steameast also has that feature. Not only you can watch the match, but also you can chat and discuss the future outcomings or predict the score by discussing the sport in the live chat.

The live chat feature allows viewers from all over the world to gather, unite, and critique their favorite sport live. 

Most of the websites and streaming services that are free do not provide this feature, they usually offer this feature to their premium members, but in the case of Steameast, this feature is available and easily accessible to all the users, even the free ones. 

5. Steam Your Own Sports Event

Now, this feature is like no other. Steameast allows its users to stream their own sports events, for free. 

Anyone can visit the Steameast website and start streaming their sport without even having to sign-up or fill out unnecessary long forms just to access this feature. 

6. Underrated Sport Genres are Also Available

Sports such as Table tennis and handball are really hard to find on the internet, especially when your team is playing or your favorite player is awaiting your support.

 You can go and surf all other websites and, likely, you will not be able to find and stream such sports easily. But when it comes to Steameast, this website has all of such hidden and underrated sports just a click away from uninterrupted streaming. 

Steameast Pricing 

Most of the useful features offered by Steameast are free of cost. The best thing about Steameast is its unrestricted content. 

You can access all of the content available on the website without having to worry about paying the membership fee. Premium members, on the other hand, get other additional features. But this doesn’t make the free version any lesser. 

Steameast Free

Steameast free will enable you to access all the live sporting events that are being streamed live. You will be able to view and stream all types of sports on the website. You can even stream your event with the free Steameast version. 

Yes, it comes with some ads but this will not affect your overall streaming experience. 

Steameast Premium

Premium members are bombarded with tons of features. The first useful feature that comes with the Pro membership is that the users can stream more than one live stream at a time.

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Steameast premium is not a costly subscription. It only costs you $5 per month. With just $5 a month, you can access all the exciting features offered by Steameast. All of these useful and exclusive features are described below. 

Multiple Streaming

Steameast Multiple Streaming

Image Source:

What it means is that you can simultaneously stream multiple streams within a single tab. This will allow you to save your RAM and will avoid unnecessary tab switching. On a single tab, you will be able to watch multiple streams at the same time. 

This feature comes in handy when multiple matches are going on at the same time and you don’t want to miss out on any of them. 

UEFA Champions League is a sporting event where multiple matches are being played simultaneously at the same time. Users have to open multiple tabs and crop them to watch all the nail-biting moments. 

Steameast premium solves this problem by enabling the viewers to stream all their matches in a single tab. 

Please note that this feature is only available on the desktop version of the site. 

Ad Free

Another notable feature that comes with Steameast is that there will be no ads. We didn’t even need to say it. Could you think of a premium service that annoys its users with irritating ads and pop-ups? That’s what we thought. 

Steameast premium comes with an ad-free experience. Not only will the regular ads be removed, but also the pop-ups will vanish from the site once you subscribe to their premium membership. 

Access To Exclusive, Pro Content

Some streaming services offer other content like dramas and movies. Steameast Pro allows you to watch the pro content of your choice. This pro content ranges from exclusive 4K resolutions to HDR and other streaming qualities. 

Note that not all the content can be streamed via 4K or HDR. Only the supported content by the streaming device and website can be accessed and viewed. 

Multiple Screens

Just like Netflix, Steameast will allow you to play your favorite sporting events on multiple devices. You can use the same account on different computers, laptops, smartphones, or even TVs. All of these devices will be able to access the premium subscription features without any problem. 

Exclusive Customer Support

With the premium membership, you will have access to the 24/7 customer support system that is available just a text away. 

If you are facing any problem with the website, or don’t know how to access and use a particular feature of Steameast, a customer support representative will be available to solve these problems for you. 

Easy Payment

Steameast allows you to pay via the payment method of your choice. This ranges from Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to other payments options such as PayPal. 

The best thing about the ease of payment is that Steameast allows you to pay via a Cryptocurrency of your choice. 

The Pros & Cons Of Using Steameast

Every Streaming Service comes with pros and cons. Not all of them are perfect. None of the streaming services are perfect. No matter how hard they try, there will always be some competition. 

The Pros and Cons are listed below:


  • No need to sign up to watch content
  • You can run the app in the background as well (unlike YouTube)
  • You can access and watch all the sporting events
  • There is also an offline mode (recently added)
  • Includes all types of sports from around the world
  • You can stream your sporting events for free on Steameast


  • No HD quality for free users
  • Free users will have to face the annoying ads and popups
  • Free users have a lot but still not all the features that are available to premium users

Steameast Review (As a Regular User)

We used Steameast as regular users and we found out that Steameast is a very good service considering it is free for considering it is free. 

We found its UI simple and responsive which made our experience even better. Apart from the service being free highly responsive and available, we found that streaming content and sharing the content with our viewers was very easy and convenient.

We recommend Steameast to everyone who is looking to watch their favorite sports for free. This service also comes with tons of features that are not available on other websites. If you want to use these features that are offered here for free, you will have to pay a big amount to use exclusive features that are free here. 

What Makes Steameast Better than others?

No other streaming service will give as many features as steameast does. This makes Steameast better than all of the other online streaming services. 

Steameast has partnered with almost all the sporting leagues in the world. This allows them to stream all these sports making it the best platform for streaming different sports on the planet. 

Well, we cannot say with utter confidence that this site is completely legal. Most Streaming sites are illegal since they have to stream content that they are not allowed to stream. This somehow invalidates their credibility if we talk about legitimacy. 

Still, there aren’t any copyright issues faced by this website due to its diverse content and clever optimization. 

Is Steameast Safe?

Since we cannot confidently identify this website as a completely legitimate site, there can be some issues with the safety and security of its surfers. But don’t worry, we got you covered. 

If you want to be on the safe side, do not click on any unnecessary links when surfing this website.

Moreover, We suggest you use a good VPN. A good quality VPN will keep you safe from the threats of the internet. You can use a VPN to make sure that your computer is safe from other harmful sites as well. 

An Ad-Blocker is also recommended when surfing the internet especially, Steameast. Most of the ads lead to malware and ransomware attacks, A good VPN and an ad-blocker will ensure that you are safe when surfing sites like Steameast.

Top Free Alternatives To SteamEast

If for any reason you don’t want to use steameast, there are other options available for you. These streaming services are just as good as steameast, if not better. 


StreamWatch is one of the best and biggest sports streaming services out there. This service includes all the best features necessary to watch and stream sports events for free. It does that without any hassle. 

You can watch every match that is being played live on the homepage of this website. Other than the endless features of watching live sports, you can also see and watch which player is playing the match by navigating through the list of all the players playing in the match. 

You can exclude the ads by using an ad-blocker or just by using their premium version. 

From HD to 4k and other exclusive content, Stream2Watch is a very good alternative to Steameast.  


All of us are aware of this name. ESPN has earned a special place in our hearts by providing us with endless sports and numerous features. With just one click, we can access and watch our favorite team in action

3. NFL Bite

NFL Bite has an exclusive partnership with NFL. They provide them with total coverage and we as users can watch their content for free. 

Note that NFL Bite does not stream all types of sports content from the world. It only has a license to stream NFL matches, so if you want to watch another sport of your choice, this may not be the place for you. 

4. CBS Sports

CBS Sports not only provides us with features and streaming services to sports, but also they have other analyses of sports and matches. With CBS, viewers can access other information regarding a match. This can be a video of technical analysis of an upcoming sports match. 

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CBS Sports covers all types of sports such as Cricket, Football, MMA, etc. Additionally, it also covers sports like NCAA, NGO, NHL, and NBA. CBS Sports also offers highlights to previous matches if the user is interested. 

CBS Mobile users can watch their desired matches on their smartphones by installing the application. 

The users have to sign up to the website before they can stream content. After the registration, accessing all the features of this site is a piece of cake. 

5. Stream Sports

Stream Sports lets you watch and stream all the sports-related content for free. As the name suggests, it offers live streaming to almost all of the sports and matches around the world. 

You can stream your favorite sports on their site, which has a video player of their own. This video player is very well optimized even for slightly slower internet speeds. 

One thing we need to mention is that this service is not available in all the countries. To access this site, you may need a VPN to watch your favorite sports. 

Depending on the country you are surfing this website from, there can be a need for a proxy to access this website. But once you open the website, it’s a whole another world of sports.

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