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The Benefits of Whipped Cream Chargers aka Nangs

Cream chargers

Desserts are often people’s favorite part of their meal. Even the most basic main course can be made better when you have a delicious dessert to look forward to after it. If you enjoy creamy desserts, then a whipped cream dispenser and some cream chargers may be some kitchen equipment that you can’t live without.

Cream chargers also commonly called nangs give you a lot of freedom when it comes to all the creamy desserts that you can make. Nowadays with on-demand everything you can even get them delivered. They also have a number of other benefits which are discussed in more detail below.

Save Money

You will save money when using a whipped cream charger and whipping cream by yourself, compared to buying cans of whipped cream from the store. It can also save money and food waste when you are making more than one flavor. If you buy flavored whipped cream from a store, then a lot of it may go to waste if you don’t use it that often. When you are making your own, there is no need to produce any more than you will use.

Health Benefits

When you are making your own whipped cream, it is easier to control the amount of sugar that you add. This helps you to ensure that your cream is healthier. You can also be sure that the cream you are producing is fresh. You always know what ingredients are going into the whipped cream when you make it from scratch.

Environmental Benefits

Chargers and dispensers are better for the environment than buying a can from the store. The dispenser can be used more than once and the chargers are completely recyclable. On average, you should only have to buy a new dispenser every two years or so.

Tastier Desserts

When you are able to produce whipped cream whenever you want, you can brighten up all of your desserts. Using a dispenser is quick and easy and so you get much tastier desserts for not much effort. Whipped cream also makes a great topping for hot drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate.

Useful For Grooming

Whipped cream that you make at home can also be used as part of your grooming routine. It can be used as an alternative to shaving foam and is good for your skin if you apply it to your face. Some people even use it to wash their hair.

With so many benefits of using a cream charger and dispenser, it is easy to see why they are an indispensable tool for any kitchen.

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