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The Best Way to Trade With MACD Indicator

What is macd? Moving average convergence/divergence, or MACD, is a trading indicator used in technical stock analysis. Its purpose is to highlight changes in a stock’s price trend’s strength, direction, velocity, and duration. A fast EMA reacts to recent price fluctuations in a stock faster than a slow EMA. The divergence series is said to be able to detect small alterations in the stock’s trend. The MACD is a sluggish lagging indicator since it is based on moving averages. The MACD is less effective as a prospective gauge of price movements for equities that are not moving or trading with unexpected price action. Although, this article is about the best way to trade with MACD indicator but there is no best way. there are multiple ways and all are good. Nevertheless, here are some of the said good ways.

1. Awesome Oscillator + MACD

Only when we obtain a signal from the stock indicator, followed by a signal from AO, will we enter or quit the market.This is Boeing’s 60-minute chart. The two green circles indicate that a long position should be opened. After going long, the amazing oscillator sends us a signal that is completely opposite. When the MACD has a bearish signal, the first circle of red color appears. The AO’s bearish indication is highlighted by the second red circle. As a result, we are able to close our long position.

2. Indicator MACD + TRIX

We present you to the TRIX indicator, which is based on the notion of the triple exponential moving momentum and average. Since it is an oscillator, however, some people call it a momentum oscillator, the TRIX is a good match for the MACD stock indicator. This time, we will match the MACD formula crossings with when and if the TRIX indicator passes the zero level and if and when these two indications coincide, we join the market while waiting for the stock price for to begin trending.


We chose the TEMA because, as traders, we enjoy validation. What better instrument for this than a three-exponential moving averages smoothing indicator?To capture the larger changes, we used 50-period moving averages. As a result, the quantity of trade signals supplied by this method is reduced. When the fast line passes thestock indicator and when the price goes above the TEMA, trade signals are issued.

4. Money Flow Index + MACD

Because the money flow index requires both price movement and volume spikes to create severe readings, it will provide fewer sell and buy signals than other oscillators. In this approach, you will have tocombine the stock indicator’s crossing with the money flow index’s overbought/oversold signals (MFI). Furthermore, you will have to wait for a pass of the MACD lines when the MFI signals an overbought stock. In a similar way, it works in the other direction. A long signal is generated by MFI reading and a pass of the MACD lines.

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