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The Impact of Social Media on Kid’s Health

Since the last couple of decades, the world has totally been transformed from traditional to technological prospects. Social media is one of the most active tools of the digital age. This platform has not only impacted the young generation, but kids have also been stained with great havoc under the effects of technology. It is mandatory to perceive the impacts of social media on kids’ health to ensure the full-fledged betterment. The world has become a global village due to the depth netting of this entity because people have linked with one another through personal profiles. Social media is beneficial on the one hand and shows potential risks on the other hand.

Positive impacts of social media on Kid’s Health:

Social media is of great importance as far as the information is concerned. It is a hotspot of knowledge, because every update and valuable content is shared with the public through media channels. Kids, interestingly, use this platform to access the news, sports, dramas, movies, unspecified cartoons and documentaries.

Same as, it is an excellent source of Education because students and little kids can get Education through the different ways of social media. The Education can be of different types like informative tutorials, Lectures, and written and printed materials. Books in the form of videoslectures and audio files are present both in paid and unpaid versions, which can be accessed flexibly.

The kids can use social media as a source of creativity concerning different aspects. Kids usually express their talent via fine arts, fashion, logic, and science. The content of various types is created in audio and video forms with related voice mixing to attract the relevant community.

Different groups are present on the social media, which the kids join to share the informative, creative, and interesting material. So far as, social media is an idea-sharing platform which enhances the chances of creative thinking. When the ideal things are shared, the concerned persons seek the perfect people for their economic point of view. In this way, a variety of content is shared, and reasonable income can be earned through this platform

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Kid’s Health:

Social media is not only advantageous for kids but also disadvantageous for every age. firstly, as said by wise, “the excess of everything is bad.” on the same pattern, much use of social media can be harmful to the mental health. Kids are usually mentally disturbed and tired and are involved in the excessive use of social media.

The technological home appliances like mobile, TVs, and Laptops release infrared and alpha rays, which directly affect the eyes and skin functionality. When the kids are not physically fit, then they would be unable to play a vital role in the development of community. Finally, social media leads towards severe health issues like anxiety, inadequacy, obesity and depression

Cyberbullying is another negative aspect of social media, due to which kids are involved psychological and emotional evils. they are at potential risks like verbal and non-verbal abuses, harassment, and victims of unnatural acts. the child sometimes get the idea of personal suicides, self-harm and be the victims of inferiority complex.

Likewise, social media can be used as a breeding ground for the spreading of pornography. Kids are the most susceptible portion of the society, which are intentionally or unintentionally experienced through the bad company of friends while using the appliances of social media. The kids mostly come under the sphere of restricted habits like drug addiction, smoking, theft, and other prohibited practices.

Furthermore, Social media accounts are a source of personal information collection centers. When the new account is established, all the personal and private details are collected by users through social media apps. This information and personal data are used for spamming and scamming, and cybercrimes are offended by the misuse of information.

The privacy and the safety of the kids and women is leaked through the social media accounts. Social media portrays unrealistic beauty and provides virtual and robotic content to attract the kids and women. Many hackers and strangers used to steal the personal pics and banking accounts just to harass victims and to compel the kids to do unnatural acts against their intentions.

Mitigation of Adverse Effects of social media on the Kid’s Health:

To reduce the adverse effects of social media, which are inflicted on the kid’s health, there are following strategies that can be used efficiently. First, open communication is the most authentic tool used to get kids’ secrets regarding social media accounts. Also, there should be a proper set of guidelines that should be followed by the kids while using social media accounts. The appropriate checks and balances restrict kids from using social media unethically.

It is essential to mention here that if the proper parental control is applied to kids’ accounts while using social media, children feel surveillance of their internet surfing. The kids may be diverted to digital literacy instead of social media gaming, gambling, and time wasting. In this way, the different grounds of technology can be used as profitable for the wrecked parts of society.

Last but not least, social media is a platform that can be the best tool for brain Washing and mental coaching of the kids. If the children are distracted and continuously degrading in their health, then the proper manual of model health can be used to keep them on track. Similarly, professional experts for any help can be searched to correct the children concerning any problem.

Online teaching and earning are significant aspects of social media, which students and adults usually use to get financial rewards by expressing their hidden talents. For Instance, to buy Instagram followers can be proved as fastest source to increase visibility of your profile. Social media can also be used as a tool of awareness and activism. The kids are well-informed and educated through raising hashtags regarding politics, policy, and social justice. Finally, social media can also be used as a source of Education, information, and entertainment.

Final Thoughts:

Social media positively and negatively impacts the kid’s health. On the positive side, kids can earn and learn effectively through the different ways of social media. They can share their creative art and expose hidden potential by the netting of social media. While on the negative side, this platform is very dangerous for the kid’s health.

They can be involved in pornography, natural acts, cyberbullying, drug addiction, and other social evils that society prohibits. In addition, safety and security leakage of kids can lead to psychological effects, causing anxiety, nausea, worry, and depression. So, it is the responsibility of parents to put proper control over the usage of kid’s social media accounts.

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