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The Mysterious Jonathan Galindo

Jonathan Galindo has become an enigmatic figure who is responsible for spreading fear and alarm on social media, believed to be connected with the Blue Whale Challenge.

This online game specifically targets children, encouraging them to complete risky tasks that could potentially lead to self-harm or suicide. According to reports, these accounts on TikTok and Instagram feature creepy-masked characters which facilitate these games.


Jonathan Galindo first made headlines online in 2020 as the face behind an online challenge encouraging teens to commit suicide over 50 days. Participants completed tasks set forth in this challenge until finally taking their own lives by ending it themselves.

Jonathan Galindo is widely believed to be a malicious presence online that preys upon vulnerable teens, seeking out vulnerable ones for bullying and intimidation. His presence serves as a warning about the dark side of cyberspace – and highlights why young people must be protected against its dangers.

Jonathan Galindo was first registered by TikTok user jonathangalindo54 in fall 2019, though its origin remains unclear. It uses images created by cosplayer and mask maker Samuel Canini under the moniker Dusky Sam, dating back from 2012 or 2013. Multiple imitating accounts have since appeared across TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord encouraging or pressuring users to participate in the Blue Whale Challenge.


An alarming online game called Blue Whale Challenge Reboot may have emerged. Teenagers are being instructed by a suspicious figure wearing a dog mask to complete dangerous tasks that have been linked with self-harm and suicide among some teens.

Jon Galindo and other accounts with similar names have been using social media channels like Instagram and TikTok to communicate with children under 18 and use discord channels to direct them to harmful websites or engage in self-harming behavior. If possible, any accounts with these names should be ignored and reported immediately.

Samuel Canini, an cinematographic special effects producer and cosplayer, first created Jonathan Galindo or the Cursed Goofy almost 10 years ago for personal amusement – not for use as scare tactics against young people online by thrill-seekers. On Twitter he responded that these images shouldn’t be misused to scare young people online by amateur thrill-seekers looking for thrills.


Jonathan Galindo serves as a chilling illustration of how dangerous and misleading online interactions can be. Wearing an intimidating dog mask, this persona communicates with young people via social media to urge them to harm themselves or commit suicide; using aggressive and forceful language during his calls for violence against themselves and suicide attempts. Galindo may have taken inspiration from Blue Whale Challenge which has resulted in more than 130 child deaths worldwide.

The Blue Whale Challenge caused widespread outrage in 2016, before eventually being put out of its mind due to its potentially lethal nature. But in 2020, its threat returned, when accounts using Jonathan Galindo as their name appeared online (Twitter and Tiktok) with children being targeted with requests to complete 50 tasks; one task being suicide itself.

Although reports may seem alarming, it’s important to keep in mind that the Blue Whale Challenge is not real and its creator is Samuel Canini – also known as Dusky Sam – a cosplayer and mask designer from Italy. Additionally, any suspicious activities should be reported directly through your social media platform.


Jonathan Galindo has made an indelible mark on the world of technology as an influential entrepreneur and innovator. His dedication to making an impactful difference in people’s lives earned him recognition from various organizations and individuals, and his story stands as testament to hard work and persistence.

Jonathan Galindo has become synonymous with online threats despite the lack of evidence supporting his existence. Yet his popularity has raised serious concerns regarding internet safety and has highlighted how easily harmless behavior may become malicious ones online.

The mysterious figure has also been connected with the Blue Whale Challenge, an increasingly dangerous trend which urges vulnerable individuals to complete 50 days’ worth of tasks that culminate in self-harm or suicide. This phenomenon may have inspired an 11-year-old Italian boy to commit suicide by jumping from a 10-story building on September 30, in response to similar challenges such as Momo that plagued kids’ videos in 2018.

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