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TheWiSpy App: Track Lost or Stolen Phone with IMEI Tracker

Track Lost Or Stolen Phone

Have you been stressing about your cell phone getting lost lately? Or you want to protect your private data from dangerous people like hackers? Unfortunately, the crime of phone stealing has increased in recent years, but that doesn’t stop people from having a phone and at the same time keeping their whole life stored in it. You can now find easily by IMEI Tracker.

Advanced technology has given exceptional solutions to keep your data safe and even find your stolen device. And you can do that by using a phone tracker app on your cell phone. So no matter where you lose your phone, you can always find it with the IMEI number. 

There are applications designed for such purposes, and you have to be cautious and install them on your phone before it gets stolen. If you’re not familiar with how you can get help from the TheWiSpy IMEI tracker, then this article is a blessing for you.

What is IMEI?

Every mobile phone company generates a unique 15-digit number of cell phones that is called an IMEI number. You should note this number somewhere private because if you lose your phone, it could help. Another vital thing to keep in mind is that people can hack into your phone using this number, so make sure that no one has access to your phone. The number is unchangeable, so you must not risk it. 

How can you find stolen phones instantly?

  1. Search IMEI number on your cell phone:

The first thing you should do is to search your 15-digit number if you don’t know. That is because different mobiles have the number stored or written in multiple places. 

Method 1:

You can find the number on your phone’s setting. First, click the setting icon, then go to the about of the phone. You’ll view the IMEI number written there along with other details.

Method 2:

There is a second method as well; you need to turn off your smartphone. Then take the battery out, and you will see the number written on the back of your phone. Again, it would help if you were alert that no one else has access to your phone, or else they would easily hack into the phone.

  1. Get police help:

In a recent study, it was noted that 60% of stolen phones are missing even after reporting to police. But indeed, the first thing that comes to mind when we lose anything is to contact the police. Sometimes it works but takes longer, and if you have important files on the cell phone, it’s not a good choice for you. 

  1. Get help from a cell phone provider:

When a company manufactures a cell phone, they install a default app to track the device in minutes. If you have access to the helpline of the provider, then you can approach them for help. Please provide your details to the company, and they help you using a mobile tracker. 

  1. Install IMEI tracker:

You can install the IMEI tracker app from your phone’s play store. The technology has advanced, and that brings us to these trackers. It will generate SMS alerts to a specific number that you will insert beforehand, such as your family member or friend’s contact details.  In no time, you will get the exact location of your cell phone. 

  1. Install TheWiSpy mobile tracker:

Although the solutions mentioned above are reasonable but not a perfect fit, you might need something advanced to protect your data. You can do it with the help of a mobile tracking app, and TheWiSpy is the best option for that. 

It does more than tracking down your stolen phone. You can spy on the mobile remotely and make changes. That’s right, and you’ll have control over your smartphone even when you’re not around physically. 

How TheWiSpy is a better choice:

There are hundreds of reasons that make TheWiSpy a better choice. Such as, it has exceptional modern technology that offers instant and brilliant results. You can never find this much effective IMEI tracking software in the market with such affordable pricing. But it’s perfect primarily because of its tracking features. 

Tracking features:

  • GPS tracker:

You can track your phone’s location in less than a minute using the GPS tracker feature. It functions expertly; it has access to the map on the phone. In case your device is stolen, you can log in to your TheWiSpy account and activate the command. The app works secretly, and you’ll get the live location without letting the thief know.

  • App control:

Using the app control feature, you can view the live activity happening on your phone. Social media apps have personal stuff like pictures, messages, and emails. So you can’t risk losing confidential information. That’s why you can log out remotely. Even though your phone is in their hands, you still control what they can view.

  • Geofencing:

Geofencing is a prime feature for GPS locators, and you can set restrictions geographically. Therefore, it will help you to be ready from future incidents. For example, if you have blocked certain regions on the phone, you will get alerts on the account when the cell phone crosses the restricted area. Thus, you can catch the person before they reach far away. 

  • Remote controls:

TheWiSpy offers many remote commands that are very useful when you have no access to your mobile. Such as if you have company secrets on your phone in form of any file or email, you can delete it remotely. If the stealer intended to get to your private data, then they won’t be successful. 

  • Camera spy:

IMEI tracking apps are helpful, but they can’t provide a feature like a camera spy ahead of technology. Instead, you can get live pictures from the scene while sitting remotely from the phone. In addition, you can know who stole your phone, so it’ll get easier to find your device. 

  • Surround recorder:

TheWiSpy functions in stealth mode; neither can the thief know that the app is installed first nor realize they are being spied on. Using a mobile tracker’s surround recorder, you can listen to the surrounding. Recorded audio will be sent to your designated account, and you can listen to it peacefully. 


There are many options for tracking down the lost phone, but some of them are useful. For example, we have learned about the IMEI tracking software and TheWiSpy mobile tracker app. If finding the location of your smartphone is just you want, then go with the first option. But if you want to protect your data and have complete control of your phone, then TheWiSpy is the right choice for you. 

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