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Top 7 Apps You Should Have as a Student

Have as a Student

Finding the right app to help you on your learning journey is important as a college student. Not only does it help you along the way, but it can also ease your experience in school. Having it at your behest is convenient whether for classes or everyday activities. There are many apps to download and try to see if it matches their lifestyle. 

Here are a few recommendations with apps for productivity, lifestyle, and education they can check out.

1. Office 365 Education

Something you will be doing a lot in university is writing or doing presentations. So, instead of getting on each website to do your assignments, Office 365 offers the whole package. It has Word for writing, PowerPoint for presenting, OneNote for notetaking, and Excel for data organizing.

The Office 365 app is an easy and simple tool for students as it does not require much high tech or skill to use the software. However, despite being simple, it still features powerful, and useful tools for university students.

This application can be downloaded on your phone and your HP laptop. If you prefer not to download it, Office 365 is also available on the web and offers the same powerful tools. Plus, it is free for university students to use

2. Calendar Apps

A calendar app is probably one of the most useful apps on your phone. You can also get apps that can give you notifications or alarms. For instance, you can set an event for a selected day and the exact start time and end. You will also have the option to be notified of the event in case you forget it.

Additionally, calendar apps such as TimeTree and Google Calendar allow users to add memos or notes. With this, the users can keep track of their undecided plans or events. Users can also be reminded of things that they have to do, such as a checklist for what to study or exam dates.

3. Grammarly

Another great tool for university students who will always deal with papers for exams and assignments is Grammarly. It is a tool to help students check their grammar, sentence structure, clarity, and more. In addition, it automatically scans your document and writing to suggest corrections or improvements.

What is more, Grammarly does not only have the paid version of the app, which is Grammarly Premium. But, Grammarly also features a free version, which still works well for those who would like to get their writings checked. Although it does not offer extra features as premium users have, it is still worth the download. Grammarly is available on both Android phones and Apple phones for free. Additionally, you can even install it on your laptop as well, so you will be able to check for errors directly.

4. Scanner Apps

Do you ever find yourself writing notes traditionally, even if the world has now shifted everything to screens and being online? Well, now you can switch that writing into an electronic note that you can access on your phones or laptops. To use a scanner app, simply pull up your notebook and align your camera to the corners of the book. Then, once you have confirmed the subject, the app will automatically remove the background and turn it into a document. 

Then, you will be able to add, crop, or even paste it onto your electronic notebook. This is useful nowadays as it is more comfortable to share it with your friends as a high-quality PDF. Not only that, but scanner apps like CamScanner and iScanner are free to download on Android and Apple devices.

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5. Word Hippo

Another must-try for students is Word Hippo. It is a great thesaurus app that is useful for those who find themselves repeating the same words or phrases during writing as it can enhance their essay quality. To begin, type any word into Word Hippo, which will give you a selection of words with similar meanings. You can switch up how they write while also improving their vocabulary. In addition, you do not need to google synonyms anymore, which will be more efficient during essay writing.

6. Time Apps

Having a phone is both a blessing and a curse- it is helpful but also distracting. Therefore, students should consider getting a time app to set the time and lock their phones from disturbing their study sessions.

For example, the app Focus Plant is a Pomodoro-type app to help you stay focused. When you successfully work in the time you set, it will give you rewards like beautiful plants or raindrops to help grow your plants. These rewards will also make students feel the gamified tasks that help them stay on track with their goals.

Similarly, Study Bunny is also a Pomodoro app with a bunny character who will be the user’s study friend. When you successfully fulfil the study time you have allocated, you will gain coins to buy items to decorate and use for your bunny. Not only that, but you will also be able to view your stats and track your studies which are colour-coded for your convenience.

7. Music Apps

Last but not least, students should try and invest in good music apps to help boost their focus, mood, or even progress. All it takes is just a good selection of music or background noise. Music apps such as Apple Music and Spotify are the most popular- and for good reasons. They offer a student discount and have a wide arrange of music selections. Not only that, but these two apps even have non-music selections such as podcasts that may help you increase your knowledge.

On the apps, you may find playlists curated to moods or situations you may want to listen to. Plus, when you use your Bluetooth speakers, your study sessions will not be as boring as they usually will be.

There are many apps and tools that can help students work out their way through their university years. The only thing that matters is how they use the app to their benefit. Good luck.

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