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Valorant: How to get started with Riot’s tactical shooter

How to get started with Riot's tactical shooter

One of the things we love about Valorant is that you won’t fight alone. Team-based games are usually fun, especially when playing with your friends. Communication is easy, planning and execution are fun, and winning is often celebrated with more enthusiasm. All these are what make this game exciting and very popular.

But no matter how simple or easy Valorant may seem, beginners will have to learn many things to enjoy it. That’s why we recommend using valorant hacks and cheats to understand and play better at the beginning. Also, this article has important details about the game to help new players understand it faster.

So, if you’re willing to learn, check them below.

How to start Valorant like a Pro

1. Understand the game fast

There are some important details about Valorant you need to know before playing. The first one is that you won’t play Solo but play as a team. Every team comprises 5 players or agents, making up the 2 teams that must play the game. Also, the 2 teams are the attackers and defenders. Another thing is that you will choose your character and understand how to utilize their skills and abilities.

Moreover, the game has several modes ranging from Unrated, Spike Rush, Deathmatch, Escalation, Competitive, etc. Each mode has a unique objective which the teams must pursue to emerge the winners.  For instance, the attacking team will be charged with taking the spike and planting it in the territory of the defenders; after planting it, they’ll protect it to ensure that it detonates before the designated time elapses. If they are successful, they emerge as the winners. As for the defending team will attempt to diffuse the bomb, and if they succeed, they have won.

2. Choose the character/agent you can play.

Valorant has a pool of agents or playable characters to pick. These characters have special abilities and skills that will empower you in the game. But you have to choose them wisely since it’s your first time playing. But bear in mind that these agents’ abilities often require charges through spike actions, kills, orbs, and death. But when you start, you will only have a pistol and signature ability charges.

But even though there are 15 agents available right now, you can’t pick any of them randomly. Instead, you must choose the one suitable for beginners. These agents come in different classes, which are Duelists, Initiators, Controllers, and Sentinels. According to pro Valorant players, the best agents for beginners include Omen, Reyna, Jett, Sage, KAY/O, etc.

Omen is a good controller and uses his smokes to confuse his enemies. Also, with Paranoia, Omen can blind the opposing team members too. Reyna and Jett are good duelists. Jett is fast and can use her abilities, Updraft and Tailwind, to attack enemies from different angles. She also uses her Cloudburst and Blade Storm to cover her teammates and deal deadly damages to her enemies.

Gaming Innovations for the Hard of Hearing

3. Pick the weapons you can handle

When you start the game, you only have a pistol, but there are many weapons in Valorant. Some of them include shotguns, sniper rifles, Sidearms, Machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, etc. Also, you will find some automatic and semi-automatic weapons, but each of these weapons requires a lot of control to shoot accurately. That’s why you must study each weapon’s spray pattern and recoil system.

But according to the professionals, some of the weapons suitable for beginners include the Spectre, a rifle that can kill enemies faster. Also, the gun is often accurate and enables beginners the best opportunity to play better.  Other guns for beginners are Ghost, a sidearm, Marshall, a sniper gun, Phantom and assault rifle, etc.

4. Employ Pro tips

After understanding the game and choosing your agent and weapons, the next thing is to play like a pro to help your team. The first tip for you is to practice your aiming precision. It doesn’t make sense to shoot without success. If you miss a shot, then you have attracted a serious attack on yourself. So use Kovaaks or Aimlabs to hone your skills.

Next, make sure you don’t make a lot of noise in the game by running around as many beginners do. Instead, try to walk more to avoid giving away your position through sound. Also, learn to stand and shoot to ensure more kills whenever you release a bullet. Movement usually messes up the spray patterns of bullets. So, hit more shots by standing still.

Another important thing is to communicate regularly with your teammates and not wander off alone all the time. Planning together and executing the same will help your team more to attack or defend.


Valorant is a game that you can enjoy with your team if you plan and work together. Whether you’re attacking or defending, you need all the planning and the right weapons to emerge winners. Ensure that you choose an agent you can handle. Also, pick the right weapons and understand what you’re supposed to do in every mode.

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