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What are the advantages of using hemp rope?

Hemp Rope
Hemp Rope

Hemp Rope used since ancient times. Hemp rope is one of the oldest ropes in the world. The chemical structure of hemp fibers was created by nature to make it one of the best fibers to make rope from. Hemp rope has natural properties that are very suitable for use as a rope. They are naturally resistant to moisture and mildew. They do not absorb much water nor deteriorate easily.

The strength of natural hemp rope depends on the quality of the soil where the hemp plant grew; how tall it got; if it was male or female; what kind of fertilizers were used during growth; what parts (bark) were used in making it; and also on how well its fibers were treated after harvest. Hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. We can compare it to fiber such as kevlar in its ability to resist wear and tear.

How strong is hemp rope?

Compared with other fibers, hemp has a high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. It doesn’t stretch very much; therefore, it resists breakage. The breaking load for them is between 8.1 – 9.7 kN (Kilonewton) per strand, depending on which type of hemp you use. For comparison: Polypropylene ropes have only 2-4kN/strand. Breaking loads for steel cable are from 66–152kN/strand

Hemp Rope is the only rope that has more than twice the breaking load of steel cable while having less weight!

What makes hemp ropes resistant to rot?

Hemp fibers are made up of 65% lignin, a natural polymer found in wood. Lignin is what helps make them rot-resistant. As with most organic materials, microorganisms use the nutrients present in the material when exposed to water for their own growth and reproduction. This causes rotting by degrading or decomposing many of the cellulose-containing plant tissues.

The nature of the Hemp fiber structure also allows it to be relatively impermeable to moisture penetration once it is fully cured (preventing further deterioration).

Hemp rope does not degrade in sunlight. It is also resistant to abrasion and cutting, making it a very durable rope.

Hemp rope is not susceptible to thermal decomposition when used with other materials, such as fiberglass or steel wire. What does that mean for you? Our Rope offers enhanced durability without sacrificing its ease of use. Due to the rot-resistant qualities of our ropes, they will last longer than synthetic rope and all-natural fiber ropes on the market today.

How did we come up with hemp rope? We studied how easily your typical synthetic ropes break, and we wanted to know why our hemp ropes were so much stronger than even some of the strongest man-made fibers available! Through this research, we found out that it is because of the nature of hemp fibers and how they are created. We use our new knowledge to create a Hemp Rope that offers increased durability with the same ease of use as all other ropes on the market today!

Hemp roping has been used for centuries, even before synthetic rope was invented. Today we understand more about processing and manufacturing natural fiber, which makes hemp roping stronger than ever before!

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