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What are the Types of Image File Format?

Image File Format

Have you ever wondered how graphics of an image are made? Have you ever noticed whenever we download an image from the internet browser we get the format description as “PNG”, “JPEG” etc.?

To get an answer to all such queries, related to image formats that are particularly used for visual and web content, dive right in. 

Every graphic that we usually see while browsing on the internet is an image. Those images are specifically designed for advertisements, social media posts, posture campaigns, T-shirt prints, etc. All these images come in multiple varieties of formats. Therefore, using the right kind of format is extremely important to have a good quality image otherwise wrong format could ruin your image quality.

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However, the image format files are of two categories: raster files and vector files. Both categories work differently with a specific task. To have a look at different types of image formats, we are here to provide a detailed explanation of image formats.

 Image File Formats

Image file formats are a hard and fast requirement for setting up and storing virtual photographs. Uncompressed records, compressed records, or vector records can all be saved in a photo record format. Image documents are made of virtual records that have been rasterized for utilization on a pc show or printer in this type of codecs.

Types of Image File Format

  1. Raster Image File Format
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  1. Vector Image File Format
  • PDF

Raster Image File Format

Raster Images are made of pixels normally called a fixed grid of dots that are in distinct colors. Raster images, not like vector images, are decision-dependent, which means they best exist in a single size. 

When you modify a raster photograph, you stretch the pixels, which may motivate the photograph to become “pixelated” or blurry. When you extend a photograph, your software program actually makes a bet approximately on what photograph records are lacking primarily based totally on the pixels around it. The majority of the time, the consequences are not ideal.

Types of Raster Image Format


JPEG is one of the most common and widely used formats. If you’ve ever seen a picture on the internet and wondered how to get it, there are tons of free online image converter for JPG and JFIF available that can help you work with images in multiple formats. JPEG is preferably used for online photos, banner advertisements, and email graphics. JPEG images use a sliding compression scale that reduces document length drastically whilst growing artifacts or pixelation because the picture is reduced.


  1. Portability: The JPEG files have a high compression ratio. JPEG photos may be easily uploaded to web pages due to their modest file size.
  1. Compatibility: JPEG photos work with practically all devices and applications, therefore there’s no need to change the format when using them. However, the JPEG format can be modified to PNG by using this online converter.


  1. Lossy Compression: One of the major drawbacks of the JPEG standard is that it is lossy. To be more explicit, this standard operates by removing unnecessary color data from the digital image as it compresses it. 
  1. Application: The standard is best for digital images with smooth color fluctuations, such as portraits and nature photos. It is not, however, suitable for photos with text or sharp lines and edges. The standard creates distinct artifacts at the intersections of two or more colors and objects.

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