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A laboratory glass reactor is a commonly used instrument in chemical, agriculture, and pharmaceutical labs. It is a vessel with an agitator that is used for the mixing of chemicals and heating or cooling experiments. Moreover, it is considered to be the heart of a syntheses plant. It is applicable for a number of proesses including distillation, separation, purification, etc. They have a multiple sizes but typically range from 63 liters to 16000 liters.


A laboratory glass reactor consists of the following components:

  • Main body
  • Top section with connecting nozzles
  • Baffles
  • Dip pipes
  • Agitator with mechanical seats
  • Tank outlet wave
  • Jacket for thermal transfer
  • Bursting discs
  • Sight glasses

They can withstand very intense conditions as they are made in this way. For this purpose, the quality of the laboratory glass reactor cannot be compromised so that the required yield is obtained. You can purchase a great quality laboratory glass reactor to avoid any inconvenience and have the best quality glass reactor for your lab.


A glass reactor works by allowing chemicals to enter the space and then mixing them through an agitator with mechanical seats. Furthermore, baffles are used to ensure the maximum turbulence so that the chemicals are mixed well, and the reaction goes to completion. If the apparatus gets successful in achieving given conditions of temperature, pressure, and catalyst,then the required end product is obtained.


  1. Single Layered Glass Reactor:

Following are the single-layered glass reactor

  • Mechanical part
  • Governor
  • Heating portion
  • Main pole
  • Chassis

Moreover, the key pieces are made from stainless steel with high temperature and corrosion resistance. The multifunctional single-layered glass reactor is used in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, and production and experimentation plants. The laboratory GR has water, oil, or heating baths.

The digital scale shows water/oil bath temperature, which can meet constant temperature state, fast temperature, rising, accurate controllers.1-50L is circular, and more than 50L is a cylinder. After heating, we can add the cooling coil to the tank to cool the material in a short time.


  • A glass of G3.3, GG17. It resists corrosion and wear and tear.
  • A single layered can work under very high or very low pressure upto -0.098MPa.
  • A single layered laboratory glass reactor can tolerate a temperature as low as -800 degree celsius or very high as much as 2000 degree celsius.
  • The apparatus is manufactured for easy cleaning and washing.


A doubled layered laboratory glass reactor is composed of:

  • Vacuum Jacket:

The vacuum jacket allows the control of temperature and pressure. The vacuum helps to control the reaction of chemicals going on.

  • Fluid Jacket:

This experiment uses a number of fluids but the fluid is chosen to keep in view the environment and requirement of the reaction.

  • Reaction Vessel:

The reaction is carried out in this vessel. The reaction vessel provides the site for mixing the chemicals. In this way, the desired output can be easily obtained.


A double-layer glass reactor is used for the extraction of oil and the regulation of temperature.

  • The Double layer glass reactor comes in various size and shapes. Many manufacturers offer a whole new range of high quality double layer glass reactors.
  • The distillation processes such as molecular distillation, fractional distillation can be easily carried out in double layer GR as it provides controlled parameters to achieve the required conditions of temperature and pressure.
  • A double layer laboratory GR is very useful in the field of chemistry as it is greatly helpful in ethanol extraction. Best results can be obtained on high scale.
  • It can be easily fed with no residual and easy cleaning facility.


If proper and careful maintenance is not done, it can cause serious damage to the equipment thus the required procedure will not take place. Therefore, a detailed understanding of repair locations must be obtained. There are a number of ways of inspecting glass reactors, some of which are mentioned below.


During spark test, the entire glass is well inspected and checked so that any crack or damage of any component can be immediately noted and documented. One should check the internal holes and nozzles where there can be a possible risk of damage.

Spark testers of about 6000V are used. Spark testers can be AC or DC. DC spark testers are preferred for vessels that can be grounded or are less dangerous. AC spark testers are used for equipment that can not be grounded or is completely glassed.

Avoid conducting spark tests in a combustible atmosphere. It can result in an explosion if conducted in an unsafe environment. Following safety measures should be kept in mind while conducting a spark test:

  • Use protected shoes when entering a glass lined vessel.
  • Avoid carrying metal objects.
  • Use an insulator to carry the tester. Do not touch it with naked hand.
  • DC spark tester operates using a battery. So, the battery must not drain away quickly, recharge after use. Recharge it once every 3 months to avoid any long term damage.


The measuring of glass thickness of a 2L jacketed glass reactor, which is crucial to the life of a vessel, is another electrically performed inspection operation. It’s performed with a probe on a cable and a portable magnetic induction or eddy-current device. In addition, when the probe is placed on the glass’s surface, it emits a current that is reflected by the vessel’s steel backing.


A glass line reactor can carry out multiple processes in a number of industries that can benefit mankind in a number of ways. Both single and double-layer glass reactors are beneficial and can help a lot in the improvement of scientific techniques.

One must use a proper control system to avoid wear and tear of the apparatus. Not only this, but one should also use a well-coordinated inspection system must be thoroughly used so that any damage does not harm the final product.

Hence, it gets crucial for everyone to know the importance of a glass reactor along with its uses.

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