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What Is Project Management Methodology?

What Is Project Management Methodology?

All good project managers know that there’s a method to getting their projects done on time.

Having a project management methodology helps you and your team stay on track. It keeps the process running as smoothly as it can. The methodology will also help you get back on the right path if you experience any setbacks.

Without one, you run the risk of falling behind.

But what is project management methodology? Below, we’ll get into everything you need to know about project management methodologies. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of project management methods!

1. The Agile Methodology

The Agile methodology is one of the most common project management methods in practice. It isn’t a detailed approach, but it gives companies a philosophy through which to manage projects.

Productivity and valuing individuals is at the heart of Agile. It enables workers to collaborate in a fast and effective manner. It also makes sure all people feel appreciated and cared for.

Agile is data-backed. So, it’s a great method if you want something reliable!

2. The Scrum Methodology

If you’re wondering, “What is project management methodology?” and want something more practical than Agile, try the Scrum method.

The Scrum method has workers complete productivity sprint cycles. The sprints may last 1-2 weeks.

The project manager is known as the Scrum master. They host meetings and hold the sprints. They may also hold demos of the product. Many companies combine it with the Agile framework because of their focuses on collaboration.

Once a sprint is over, the Scrum master will hold a retrospective meeting. They’ll debrief the team, comment on what went well, and suggest changes for future sprints.

3. The Waterfall Methodology

The Waterfall method works well for people who prefer to organize their work in a step-by-step way.

When you use this method for project management, you take on the assumption that certain tasks must get completed before others. So, you handle step one of the task and then move on to step two. Before the project is completed, you’ll have gone through a series of cascading steps. Hence, that’s why it’s named “waterfall.”

4. The Kanban Methodology

If you like to visualize workflow, this is the method for you. The Kanban method uses visual elements, usually in the form of boards. These represent certain details of a project and help you visualize how the work is flowing.

Like Agile, it doesn’t have concrete steps. So, some people combine it with other methodologies in order to get work done.

5. The Critical Path Method (CPM)

The critical path method allows you to chart which tasks you need to do first. It encourages you to prioritize projects or certain parts of the project.

This makes it great for teams that work under tight deadlines.

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What Is Project Management Methodology?

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is project management methodology?” you’re ready to start managing your projects better.

Project management methodologies should suit the working styles and needs of your team. You should try out a methodology before you make it a mainstay in your company. Adjust the methodology to your needs.

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