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What is the Best Transcription Company to Work for?

Best Transcription Company
Best Transcription Company

The life of a transcriptionist can be very fulfilling. This fact is especially true if you work from home. Most companies providing global translation services offer a flexible work schedule for many of their remote workers. Even the minimum work quota per specific period is very reasonable.

Starting a transcription career requires some essential equipment. A computer is necessary. Ensure that your device is compatible with the software you will be using. Some of the most reliable transcription software only runs on Windows operating systems. Therefore, it’s advisable to acquire a Windows computer.

A word processor like MS Word is very reliable due to its compatibility. Such compatibility will ensure easy access to your work by other members of your transcription team. Genuine headsets, transcription software, and foot pedals are some of the other basics.

With all the above requirements in place, the following are the best transcription companies to work for:

1)Transcript Divas

This company is one of the highest-paying agencies out there. Previous experience is not required though their rejection rates are utterly high. Of the hundreds of those that apply, only a minority start work. Their application process is straightforward; prepare a comprehensive resume before applying. Later on, you may be required to answer some questions as part of the application process.

The average rate per audio minute is $1.39. The company issues payments through PayPal or a direct transfer.

2) Speechpad

As one of the top transcription companies, Speechpad offers flexibility for its employees. Signing up is free. However, a test is required before you can begin working for them. This test usually includes grammar and other necessary language skills. The quality of the work you produce is essential to your longevity at the company. This is because of the rating system, where workers are given rankings according to completion of transcription tasks and accuracy.

Payment can vary between $ 0.25-$2.5 per audio minute. Workers with higher ratings can qualify to do rush jobs, which increases earning opportunities. Captioning gigs also tend to pay higher rates. You don’t need to put in a minimum number of hours, and you also have the choice of turning down particular jobs.

3) SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite is a household name in transcription. Due to its standing, the company has many clients. These clients include government agencies, law enforcement services, and clients in the private sector. Unlike the other companies mentioned, SpeakWrite requires their workers to have some experience in transcription jobs. A potential transcriptionist must pass the company’s entry test. This test includes typing at least 60 words per minute. Typing accuracy must not be less than 90 percent.

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Government agencies and those in the legal profession tend to handle numerous sensitive documents. Therefore, a transcriptionist working for this company will need to pass a background check before starting work. After approval, a transcriptionist will receive a set of tasks to perform. Each transcriptionist needs to work a minimum of 15 hours per month.

A top transcriptionist can earn upwards of $3000 monthly. Payments are issued bi-monthly via bank checks or direct deposits.

4) Transcription Outsourcing LLC

If you prefer a company that encourages freelancers, then Transcription Outsourcing LLC is the place. With rates of $0.8-$1.1 per audio minute, this company offers one the most competitive remuneration in the industry. These rates can vary depending on the urgency and nature of the job. Medical transcription tasks, for example, may command $0.7-$1.0 per line of text. The company has job openings for projects requiring specialization in legal, financial, and general transcription. In light of this, a transcriptionist will need to pass a typing test whose requirements will vary with the type of transcription work.

The company prefers transcriptions that are US residents.

5) TranscribeMe

Working for this company usually involves transcribing short audio recordings. Their rates can vary between $15-$22 for every audio hour of transcription work, with some of their top earners making close to $2200 monthly. Payments are issued every week via PayPal.

Getting started at TranscribeMe is free of charge. After filling a form, you can commence work, subject to passing their typing test.

6) Daily Transcription

With pay rates ranging between $0.75-$0.85 per audio minute, this company claims to pay above-average rates. A top transcriptionist can earn up to $950 each week.

Passing their skills assessment test is an essential requirement. This assessment includes a typing test, with 50 words per minute being the minimum required score. Unlike most other companies, Daily Transcription does not guarantee its transcriptionists any amount of work. Tasks are assigned based on the availability of the transcriptionist.

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