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Why Aren’t Your Website Visitors Becoming Leads?

Why Aren't Your Website Visitors Becoming Leads?

Many people feel that if they hire the services of an Expert web designer New York and get an engaging and appealing website, their job is done as people will be drawn to it. This, however, is not true at all. As sometimes your website has been up for a time, but it does not appear to be generating the results you desire. It may also happen that your social media and email marketing campaigns are generating a lot of interest, but no one is following through.

Unfortunately, some people become disheartened and abandon their efforts to turn their website into a tool for turning visitors into leads and eventually sales. This results in loss of effort, time, energy, and a lot of money as well. No one would obviously like to face such a situation.

So, if you’re also in the same boat and wondering why your website isn’t turning visitors into leads, consider the following factors.

There Are No Call to Actions

Visitors visit to your main page to read the content. So, what are their options now? If you don’t offer them a cause to stay, they’ll leave. They’ll leave your site quickly if you don’t provide them a clear concept of what you want them to do, in other words, a compelling call to action.

Make it very clear what you want visitors to do when they come to your site. Tell them to join up for your newsletter or offer directions on how to buy something if you want them to buy something. Include phone contact information at or near the top of the page for website visitors.

You’re Not Following Google’s Rules

As of now, Google reigns supreme over the internet. Google Search is the go-to search engine for the great majority of internet searches, whether you use Chrome as your primary browser or only access it via Firefox or Safari. Google gives higher search engine positions to sites that make an effort to stay current and provide users with what they’re looking for. The websites that do nothing are the polar opposite. Granted, this is more about traffic than conversion, but you can’t turn website visitors into leads or customers if they don’t come to the site in the first place.

Contact Forms and Landing Pages Are Complicated

A landing page or form should not make it difficult for visitors to figure out where they need to go to take the next step. It won’t create the leads you desire if the call to action is hidden at the bottom of the page or the contact form isn’t fillable. Keep lead generation pages basic and ensure that they work every time someone clicks on them.

Keep the design clean and straightforward, with few images and fields. Place the most important information in front of the visitor’s eyes to distinguish it from the secondary information. If you have a contact form, only ask for the information you need to follow up. If the activity takes too long to complete, visitors may abandon it and go on to another site.

Incomplete or Inadequate Content

You might have a few seconds to convert a website visitor into a customer, and you have even less time to make a strong first impression. If the tone or subject of the copy does not resonate with the visitor, they will not believe it was written specifically for them. Even worse is the image created by imprecise details or bad spelling and punctuation. Don’t let bad content scare away your most valued prospects.

Talk about your product or service as a solution to the challenges that prospects are having. Mirror the tone and style of your target demographic, and be as informal or as technical as they are. Before publishing, proofread and edit your work, or engage someone to do it for you. People get more engaged with a firm when their material connects with them, and as a result, they are more inclined to desire to learn more.

Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

Some potential leads want to convert but are unable to do so because they are using a mobile device to access a desktop site. Mobile devices are increasingly being used by individuals and businesses to purchase, read the news, and communicate with service providers. As a result, your lead generating efforts must match.

On your website, start with responsive design. This will ensure that landing pages have a positive impact.

It’s tough to ensure all these practices are followed if you’re developing a website on your own. This is why it is recommended to hire expert services, and this is where, Map-It Inc can help you. Being a leading web design agency, it can help you creating an appealing website that’s not going to attract visitors but turn them into leads as well. 

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