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Why Businesses Should Create 3D Animation Videos for Their Marketing Campaigns

Why Businesses Should Create 3D Animation Videos for Their Marketing Campaigns
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Video marketing has changed the way brands communicate with customers. Videos have a higher level of engagement than what you would achieve with text. Up to 61% of companies consider video content critical for their marketing strategies. 

93% of brands attribute new customers to video content on their social media posts. 74% achieve better ROI with video than static images.

What makes video marketing so effective is its flexibility. Marketers can create motion graphics, typography, and live streaming. 3D animations are also becoming a popular medium in marketing campaigns.

Our article explores why businesses should create 3D animation videos for marketing campaigns.

3D Animations; What Are They

3D animation is making digital objects come to life through motion. The graphics create an illusion of movement in a 3D dimension.

The objects can turn, move, and rotate like they would in the real world. That in itself is an advantage for marketing purposes. 3D animation provides images that offer a 360 view of whatever you are selling. That is unlike 2D animation, where images are flat, only giving a horizontal or vertical view.

Please note that designers use specific software for 3D animation. It is also a specialized field of graphic design. Thus, it requires relevant training and experience. Professional designers at Austin Visuals develop concepts, and design layouts. They then generate 3D animation specific to marketing.

What you get is a cost-effective way of marketing and advertising. You don’t spend money on shoots, sets, actors, or lengthy production processes.

The designers can give you a whole catalog of renderings for your marketing purposes. You can keep switching the communication. It allows you to keep things fresh and more engaging.

Working with professional 3D animators is an investment to your company. Remember, whatever you put out there is representative of the company. If your communication looks unprofessional, it could impact the brand’s public perception.

Importance of 3D Animation Videos for Marketing Campaigns

Let us explore how 3D animations can help with marketing campaigns.

3D Animation for Unique Content

Think about the typical internet user. One obvious thing is the amount of content or information available. Brands are also competing for a share of voice. The amount of marketing and advertising material coming at online users is vast.

Also, the reality is video content is nothing new. It is crucial to find a way to differentiate from what all the other brands are doing. And that may very well lie in the power of 3D animation. You move away from the standard 2D rendering. 

You have flexibility in the type of digital objects you can use. That allows you to pick more exciting subjects, thus, unique content. That is why we emphasized the need to work with professional 3D animators. They know the latest trends and can incorporate them into your marketing campaigns.

Better Product Visualization with 3D Animation

The power of 3D animation is that you get a 360-degree view. That makes it a powerful tool for product visualization. If you’re operating an e-commerce store, for example, this is a critical benefit to the business.

The closest customers get to the goods are pictures, videos, or product descriptions. This is unlike walking into a store and touching tangible products.

3D animation allows you to bring the product to life. You can show every angle and expound on the crucial attributes better.

Better Customer Engagement

Do you know how much time you have to capture a customer’s attention in the online space? Research shows that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Yes, we have managed to beat the 9-second limit the fish had. Humans are at the top of the shortest attention span at 8 seconds.

So why should you care as a marketer? Well, because you have so much going against you in reaching customers. The most significant is the amount of competition you have for that attention.

Let’s take the scenario where all companies use standard videos. You get better engagement by giving the customers something different, exciting, and unique. Depending on the level of creativity, a 3D animation is a fantastic tool for that.

Opportunity to Create Better Brand Awareness

Marketers understand the challenges of creating brand awareness. You must break above the clutter so that audiences start to notice you. Yet even if you achieve this, one challenge remains. And that is memorability.

How do you ensure that audiences continue to think about you and remember you when it matters most? Forward-looking companies are moving away from hard-sell advertising and marketing language. They are now looking for ways to connect at a deeper level with customers.

And one of the best solutions is in 3D video marketing. There is a lot of flexibility with what you can create or do. You can create wonderful brand stories with such animations. The unique nature of such communication will increase brand awareness. The exciting content piques interest, encourages engagement, and is memorable.

Simplified Communication with 3D Animation

3D animation can simplify some of the toughest subjects. That is why they work well for instructional videos. Imagine trying to explain to a customer how a product works using text. Even if you have accompanying images, it may just increase the difficulty level.

3D animation will make it easy to simplify whatever you want to communicate. You can create short informative clips to make the explanation easier to understand. Including interesting elements can make the most mundane information more exciting.

Imagine trying to explain how cryptocurrencies work to newbies. Yet, using 3D rendering can make it sound so exciting. But you get to achieve more with visualization. You will find it easier to explain challenging concepts that may confuse beginners.

Final Thoughts

3D animations are excellent for marketing purposes. The ability to create unique and engaging content is fantastic for several reasons. It is a perfect way to grab the attention of online visitors.

3D animations are unique and can differentiate the brand from the competitors. The visualizations make it easier to explain the product attributes and much more.

Finally, we reiterate a point we made above. Only work with professional 3D animation companies. How your brand communicates is critical for brand awareness, lead generation, and conversions.

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